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You can get only what you have created.

We are the creators of our own destiny. But when ever I come across these words they sound bizarre to me, who and what I did that makes me take the ownership ?? Well it sounds empowering but how and when did I shape my destiny?

Wondering on this topic reminds me of small story which my sister shared with long time ago, which today I feel she might not remember it. So to remind her the beautiful story, I narrate it as follows.
” There are people of various characters in this world and each one of us, are artist in carvings out the reactions of others in respect to us, the more skillful we are, the more beautiful results we can achieve. Results in face of peace in our lives. If an individual lacks the ability to pull out calmness from oneself, can never derive that out from someone else because in our storehouse we have no stock of it.

So when we say people around me are disrespectful it also means we are not skillful enough to pull out respect from their character, as the same person in different situation displays respect to someone else but not to you. So you will be able to give only those qualities the ones you posses and in return receive it from them.”

Every day if we realize what we fall short of, from any of the qualities of smile, appreciation, respect, and love. We must check our own store house and see if our destiny is moving away in these regards.

Now these words make sense to me creator of my Own destiny, I am the artist let me creatively first being forth my abilities of smile, respect, appreciation and love.

Our mind at these times plays a very big role of demanding logic, so if you aren’t creative to logically influence your own mind , how will you conquer someone else’s thoughts??”

Only if we are able to harness or potentials step by step each day, soon we become masters in influencing others logically. And then at that point we become masters of our own destiny, then we may command respect but only skillfully when we act as an artist. Initially start by sharing what we seem to have lost or depleting from our lives. Give smiles, give respect, give patience and only then expect to deserve not other way around to be unworthy and expect to deserve.

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Vending Machines

When I first saw a TV commercial where it showed a small little boy manages to get a Pepsi can for himself despite being short to reach the face of the machine to insert the coins. What a fantasy, to get instant purchase by just pressing a button! Or just clicking on any drink of your choice.
Oh wow! This was my reaction when I first saw the machine for the first for real. What a brilliance standing at the corner in the huge Narita Airport. Various options of drinks installed at one spot.
I won’t be wrong if I give it a punchline – “punch your thumb and quench your thirst” well why am I writing about winding machines?
Living and traveling in Japan, one can never miss the sight of these magnificent machines unmistakably found throughout Japanese cities, which walking down the cities of London I miss them the most, for when I want to quench my thirst and wish to avoid those super market Queues. My dearest escape the Vending machines.

I felt the Vending machines offered a treat of the eyes and engagement for the mind. As on the roads of Tokyo you will find Vending machines offering wide range of soft drinks, green teas in both characters hot to swirl your soul and cold to cool your spirits. Touch screen machines offering instant coffee, teas and ice creams at the punch of a button. What more boom can one ask for no queues at all and not to worry for the coins either.

These machines pull me back into the management class room where I learnt the story of an entrepreneurial boy, who owns the idea of bottled water. For all he wanted to do was offer water to people traveling back from work and felt very tired and thirsty. He offered water to off loading passengers at the train platforms. What an incredible impossible idea in the 18 century to sell and buy the most abundant resource in small bottles- water?
But he did the trick,and it seems these Vending machines maybe are the grand kids of that entrepreneurial boy who are standing at the most desirable locations, just before the gate of huge super market and attract you towards them, as we assume we move away from those queues and in mid of a long street where you wouldn’t go without buying a drink.

Sujata’s printing imagination for word press