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Girls who lost their core competencies

When I flip back the pages of my life, I remember the remarkable pride I felt about myself of being educated and my universe was complete after having a job. However today I realize i was just another girl in the loosing generation of India.
Who are the loosing generation? What are we loosing and missing out??

So, let me take up an example to elaborate. How absurd does it sounds when one compares apples and oranges and say ” both are equal”. Wired isn’t it? So how does the “Modern” Indian society comes up with this though and says “both boys and girls are equal?”. To underline this statement it does not imply any form of superiority to either. In context to this article, neither the boy is more superior nor the girls inferior.
However the population born in the late 90’s was feed with various complex mind blocks, in specific the middle class girl child. She was trained to participate in a marathon to be more similar to boys. Being able to drive cars and doing jobs. Nothing more. And the basic jobs which our mothers did as carers were being regarded as unworthy and useless. Therefore no emphasis was ever laid by the mother generation to transfer skills of cooking, stitching, knitting, crafting. But these are some of the important life skills which enhance creativity, rational thinking, management skills.

Wait a moment, why there is emphasis of the girls being left behind and not the boys? Because boys are taught to be boys. Boys in this generation lead the girls they manage to improve on their core competencies of basic tool handling, driving, getting to work, and practicing a hobby or a sport. To win over us, this generation boys also started venturing into our core roles of cooking and parenting.

Now to answer the question why and how are girls loosing in competencies if they are not cooking, knitting, creativity, practicing hobby and sport? The reasons are simple, I shall explain in the following contexts
Some task of cooking, home management and creativity were degraded as why would only the girl do? Negated.

And the remaining activities of hobby and sport were removed from our list because we are a part of a conservative reforming society which swings to and fro between modernizing and traditions and restricts girls to play a sport and express oneself.


So the poor girls on one hand no value to their skill set and on the other hand has no option to learn only because she’s a girl. The parent generation takes superior pride in having daughters educated and manage to get jobs, however they should also take responsibility for not being able to understand the effects of robbing away the opportunities to teach the core skills of being a girl. Which caused a huge loss of learning and development opportunities for our girl generation.

And to back it up with some fact it is only the Indian middle class girls who suffers, as compared to our counter parts in world over. These mothers take pride in imparting the knowledge of home management, as each one of their daughters do well not only in academics but are also master in some sort of arts, which is an aid for independent survival.

I write this article to lay emphasis to my loosing generation to take pride to in doing all the activities which are categorized for girls and makes you more feminine, which is a celebration of being oneself.

Therefore let’s be aware about the loss we are suffering and not increase its impact on the next generation and not feed the same rigid thought to our daughters and offer a deprived childhood. And train them to be losers and dependent on maids, cooks, laundry, tailor only because the whole social system is on a roller coaster of living like a Boy.

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A trip to Isle of Wright.

Our trip to isle of wright begins with our determination to visit a few destinations in the UK.
Certainly the best way to celebrate holidays, but on the homeland to Christmas and where even the most heavenly destination takes a leap backwards. Preparing for the New year, catching up with the backlog of friends and family.
However ones determination can make the world go around. So we made it a holiday to visit the Christmas illumination instead of the recommend tourist spots, I scanned and searched all through the internet to catch up the glance of the city as much as we could.

We drive our way to Portsmouth straight into the historic Docklands and towards the Gun wharf. And find this Christmas scene in the heart of the Market.


We board the ferry to our destination the Isle of Wright. To see some of its six wonders. And exploring the Christmas season.
A comfortable and luxurious ferry along with a Costa Coffee is all one could ask for on winter evening. Soon in an hours time we find ourselves relaxing in our hotel.
The next day top of the list, needless
To say, was the Needles Park.


Followed by an entertaining visit to the Alum Glass bay. And my little kiddo was a bit unsure in the open workshop of making glass.
My little explorer was eagerly waiting to meet the Dinosaurs at the “Dinosaur isle”. And he was overwhelmed to see every depiction.

Soon after we plunged to Sandown Beach just across the road, as the view across the shore was splendid and of a typical golden sand beach.

Dont forget to visit next best beach the Shanklin beach and the nearby cafés.

We were fortunate to hit a bargain to at the Amazon World by simply downloading a voucher from its website for only 4.5 pounds per person.


And for the Christmas illumination on the way back to hotel were these season decorations shining bright on the cold winter night.
And many more short trips to Osbourne Castle, the Craisebrook Castle, the Miniature World. In all it was a fun holiday to spend time with loved ones.



Sujata’s printing imagination for word press