Bring out the leader in your child.

Whenever I come across remarkable character, person, or a success story I always believe that the journey to this success certainly started too long back ago, even when there were no signs of this person being a super hit.

Similarly leadership qualities and independent thinking are skills and learning and imparting these skills take place way early in life as opposed the belief of that leadership and management skills are learned in MBA colleges. To make a wakeup call to people believe in this, actually that is too late. At that age only reading the concept takes place without any practice.

So when does leadership training starts? Who imparts this training?
To me leadership skills are not learned through training however its is a character style, therefore as we all know character building starts talking place as early as at the age of 1 -2 year old.

And who is imparting the training? Yes the parents are hugely responsible for character shaping and creating leaders for the future.

Let’s consider a scenario when a toddler mess up how do you speak to him? do you order him as how to clear up, and which thing goes where? Or do you involve the little brain to think which is the best place to keep the toys lying on the floor?

Both the sentences lead to the same objective “clean up” however the simple modification has a huge impact on character shaping. One approach of parents will bring the output of follower obedient children and the other will have the output of independent thinking leading children.



Leadership can be achieved by the acts of giving choices involving the little mind in talking small decisions. Which will start multi lateral thinking at an early age, which then becomes a part a the character in the future. The more you give opportunities to the little explorer to act independently the more confident leader and decision maker (s)he will be. The good thing about this technique is its never too late to start, as small changes in day to day approach can have huge difference.

And I often mention in all my blogs, as parents we must always monitor our actions.
Always have a clear idea of what we want to see our children grow up to.

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