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The Little Girl, whole day at nursery

I am a parent and I totally understand how it feels, when we part away from our children, even for a brief moment.
I wonder, how the little children feel when they see us going. I express, the feeling of a little girl and the words I saw in her eyes, who stays at nursery whole day away from “Mom”, through this short poem.

When I see the whole world, I find you away not with me Mom.
When I see kids playing with their Mums, I am constantly searching you Mom.
I have my fears Mummy, I feel I am not so strong.
I see my friends jumping with their mums,
I sit aside juggling with my big fears in my little eyes.
I wish you were with me on a Monday morning,
Sitting in the park, we would play hide and seek.
I seek you mother everyday, let’s not play this peeka-boo every morning until evening,
Live with me mummy! Soon I will not be here waiting to see you.

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The change Game

Today at the Mastermind Training, I played this wonderful Game, where a person narrates a story and each time the word “change” is shouted out, the narrator has to completely change the theme of the story and continue with a new background. The activity seemed easy, however when I was actually narrating one, it was a complete mind googling experience.
On my way back, from the training, I was thinking about myself and my response to changes, and changes that have occurred in my life. I would always, cling on to my comfort zone, as most of us do.

However change is inevitable, life evolves, irrespective if you wish to or not. Changing cities, getting married, quitting job, relocating and being a parent, all are significant changes that took place in my life. And the greatest of all which I hated was relocating cities and parting from family and friends. Anyone and everyone who knew me since my childhood is certainly aware of my clinging behavior, and how much I hated moving cities and waying bye.

But, today I am a changed person, the sand beneath my feet feels eroding, but it doesn’t shakes me enough.
What is it that has changed inside me? Why I don’t feel the pain anymore? When I change cities, move away from my friends? I don’t shred a tear!! Instead I m prepared, I am happy.

Well to pen down my thoughts, it is a clear vision of a “Better Life”.
Novelty is the course of life, anything that does not flow, renews along the course and adapts to the pace of time will become rotten. If we stick, to present and hold on, nothing will blossom.

For the ” Better Life “, the clear picture, that is what I see, when we move cities, change homes, part from our family and go miles away from them. These distances are actually the stepping stones for a better future for me and for me to be able to provide better living for my loved ones.

So, now whenever, I encounter departure, I believe it must be celebrated and welcomed instead of wept for. Because departure is the beginning of a new story, and not the end of the previous one.

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Toddler tennis at Woodford Wells club

I came across a flyer at my Kiddo’s nursery which read ” Tennis for under 5″. And like any other parent I was willing to try and explore what’s in it for my 2 year old son.
The following week I sorted out things for our Monday Tennis lesson @ 4 pm.
My son has just turned 2 and Tennis at 4 pm after school was a quite a big run, but mummy was determined.
I meet the coach Natasha Argent, who is a bubbly, smiling and encouraging and her learners were out performing at a very young age, and this got me determined even more, I was certain to work out something for lessons with her.
The Tennis under 5 did not work out for my little champ because he was in a group of under 5, which meant kids of 4 years and 3 years old and a 2 year old was quite young to pick up instruction meant for 4 years old.

Thanks to Natasha, she did not turn him down and to wait another year, instead she was welcoming and came up with a creative idea to have him placed in a group of students aged 2 – 3 years old. That is the day the “Toddler Tennis” was born.
In the following weeks me and my friend managed to get more children for Toddler Tennis.

Natasha has always been a smiling and a motivating coach. Her lessons are always fun filled which keeps ticking the little brains and involving them and every lesson is unique and there is always something new each time.
As a Tennis coach she has a right blend of both mentoring ability and exact sense of students requirements.
The Tennis for Toddlers is combination of learning the game, knowing the basis and to keep it entertained enough for the young minds it involves intervals of play time, collecting balls, finding numbers, color spotting, squash the ball.
For a parent like me, who sits and watches the lesson, it a place where he not only learns to play tennis but a lot more skills which he will use beyond the playground.

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