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Conversations with Palchin


Ruchi Deepak Manipal, a young mother, taking care of a young one and nurturing a young enterprise Palchin Photography.
Ruchi is one amongst us who, is paving her way, and experimenting with her role of mum and a budding entrepreneur she is  celebrating her first work anniversary.

Let’s hear it from Ruchi herself, her story of success and how she made it.
Ruchi calls her family her support system and Nishka, her daughter, whose her Golden pot.

Sujata: hi Ruchi, I have seen a lot of your work every now and then, and I wish to know more about you. Where do you come from? How long have you been here?
Ruchi: I am from India, Jaipur and I have lived in the UK for 8 years.

Sujata: Did you study Photography at school or college? Or any other form of arts??
Ruchi: I belong to the Indian millennium mass, the generation of MBA’s. I am an MBA in IT and Marketing. I have no formal education in photography.
When I moved to the UK, I worked in a telecom company in Marketing, and then an media firm doing content management, and always stayed miles away from photography in any form.

Sujata: incredible!! I admire your pictures and they are outstanding.
So tell me…. What or who ignited your passion in photography?
Ruchi: A mother’s wish, my daughter is my greatest motivation.
When my daughter was born, was then my passion of capturing every movement of her life was born.
I could not let go of any precious acts of hers, her little smile, her crawling, her first steps and her first cries. Everything of hers filled all my being and I found myself always clicking her pictures.
It was, after her first birthday, that I picked up my camera and began my journey of turning my passion of clicking pictures into, profession.

Sujata: It was a career shift, how did you manage to get work or be paid for your passion?
Ruchi: well, yes I wasn’t prepared to go back to work around the clock and leave my bundle of joy in a nursery, mentally I was preparing for unknown territories.
Initially I volunteered with an event management company, my work was well accepted and appreciated amongst the Indian Community in UK and my client base started building up by word of mouth, and then there was no looking back.

Sujata: you are an inspiration to mothers who want to break through from the guilt of working and leaving children behind.
What does it take to be really successful?
Ruchi: single most important ingredient would be ” Whole Hearted Dedication “.
I feel no complain attitude is all one needs. I take every opportunity of extra work as an opportunity of learning. Learning my work is the most valuable acquisition for me and so a grab any opportunity to work extra as my hands on real life lessons.

Sujata: great insight, how do you manage your kiddo and work? How do you balance both?
Ruchi: I am the backbone of Palchin, I do PR, admin, marketing, editing and photoshoot. My husband is my support system, he is in all that I do.
My schedule is challenging, I realise also I am the first teacher to my kid.
I work late nights so that Nishka can keep up with her toddler groups and activities.

Sujata: Thank you Ruchi, it was a great insightful speaking to you. If you had to sum it up, Palchin Photography means to you….
Ruchi: Palchin is about capturing emotions, emotions that the eyes might have missed but the camera will capture, the first greeting, the last bye, the innocent smile, the joyous laughter all your heart felt emotions experienced on the planet earth, in your journey called life.
Thank you so much Sujata.

Sujata’s printing imagination for word press


Why extra curricular activities? Why singing? Why swimming?

When I was just a wife, I believed being a mother would only involve taking care of the little baby and looking after his/her growth and nourishment.

However, it was only after I became a mother myself I realised the spectrum of the word “GROWTH”. It included not only academic and physical development but, it also involves life outside the academic circumference, i.e the extra curricular activities.


I find myself doing this, every week from Monday to Saturday running from one activity to another from swimming, to tennis, to music, to arts and crafts and I see all other mothers doing the same.

I ask myself, am I getting trapped in a rat race? And am I imparting the same lesson to my child that life is a race??
I wanted to answer my conscious, therefore I decided to conducted a intensive research and finally came up with the real understanding that childhood is the time to learn and explore about the world around. According to a study conducted on childhood stimulation key to brain development shows the more the mental  stimulation a child gets closer to the age of 4 , will lead to massive development of brain and increase in problem solving ability. Children exposed to sports, music and crafts at young age tend to grow into creative adults, and have the ability for multi dimensional thinking. Here creativity is referred to an ability to find creative solutions to obscure problems in life. On the other hand, children who are not stimulated at a young age grow up to believe anything outside the academic world as alien stuff and finally conclude that maybe someone else can sing, or someone else can draw, but not “ME”.
Whereas the real reason for staying off the shore was that the little genius was never nourished and nurtured.

Therefore, I have taken a vow to help him explore the world all around him and, plant a belief that he can “Do it”, be it sports, music, arts and crafts.

And for a mother like me to keep going, I was excited to learn about the Max life Insurance – I genius singing competition for kids to make it big, which will be judged by eminent jury  Salim Merchant and Shraddha Sharma. Where the top 2 winners get an opportunity to record their first music album with Universal Music India.

By getting him involved, I want him to also learn the hidden power of goal and targets at an early age, so this little boy grows up in a superstar no matter which aspect of life he steps in.

The destiny of young child, is framed on the basis of determination of a mother.

picture courtesy ;Max life insurance,  i- genius,

Sujata’s printing imagination for word press