Why don’t you work – just for Timepass


The world is mindlessly jaterring and wandering every direction. Everyone seems to be a in busy bee schedule.

When I sit and think what is the most precious object I have with me and each time I get the same answer is my “TIME my LIFE”.
There could be nothing more valuable than my time sent over and never being able to get it back.

I consider myself fortunate being blessed with good education and the power to exercise free will and being able to choose.
However, whenever I hear these words from friends, family acquaintances and people around and women of similar background like me saying. ” I have kids and a loving family, I will work but only for TimePass”.

And I, equally feel a sense of great insult, when I am advised to work, so that I can keep myself busy and do some “Time Pass”.
No matter, how less time I can devise for myself after finishing up my roles of mother and wife, those precious hours or just minutes are the ones I desire for through out the day. And how can I choose to spend them mindlessly on anything and do just time pass?
The most disturbing encounters are, when I speak to my friends from my college and tell me ” My wife works, or plans to work after my kids grow up because she can do some time pass and support my income, and you know myself (male himself) I am so busy that, I don’t even have time to catch up breakfast “.

Dear men and the women who buy these ideas and words of those men, only because men choose to have a busy rushing life and are major bread winners and we females aren’t and choose not to have a similar routine so that we could take care of our kids, does not simply translate into that a women’s time is eligible for mindless spending.
It’s not only for career minded people to have targets, goals, and achievements but also for women like me.
And I believe in the thought that says “Every life has a purpose and mission to fulfill, no matter how big or small it seems”. And for that reason I do have targets, goals and purpose to live up to.

And whenever, I am be able to squeeze time to work, I will just not work for timepass, but to expand my life and work for something I love, I am mad about and enjoy the most so that my precious time seems even more sweet to me.
I, like the modern age, believe in women empowerment, but how do we plan to achieve it when women are instructed or planning to live a life for Timepass and not passion.

“A human is a product of his thoughts what he thinks he becomes” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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7 thoughts on “Why don’t you work – just for Timepass

  1. Very impressive and thoughtful!

    I agree with you Sujata, I have also heard people saying “ his wife works for time pass, he earns enough for his family.”
    Even many parents say that their daughters are studying only for time pass, until they get married. I find these statements very humiliating.
    Women are forced to feel that they are working or studying only for time pass. Women are forced to feel that their precious time is only for time pass. Women are forced to feel a meaningless life.
    All these statements demean women.
    When my kids will grow up, when I’ll have time for myself, I’ll do something I love to do, something to make my meaningful life even more meaningful

    1. Hi Shilpa,
      Thank you for reading and posting your comment here.. And you have correctly added to the blog that only men but also parents tend to pass on a very limited vision to their daughters…. For many of them work either means time pass or pocket money… For people have not completly understood the essence of life and joys and happiness in doing what one loves…

    2. But why do you say when your kids will grow up then you will do something to make your life even more meaningful, do it now. Live life to the fullest now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. You have every right to spend atleast one hour out of 24 on yourself. Yes you do. Yes we do!!

  2. That’s true.. Stop pleasing others .. And find time for yourself .. Do whatever you want to do.. Work for happiness and self confidence.

  3. Good article, I hope more women read this and realize the importance of career and not see it as just time-pass!! My husband never talks about my work as time pass purely because I don’t give him that sort of indication, I take my work very seriously and so does he. At home both of us are again equally responsible for household work and child care duties. Thankfully in our house, both of us are bread winners and both of us have carer responsibilities towards our offspring.
    Unless the wives take more interest in their own empowerment and husbands take more interest in the household, things will not change!

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