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Why it is necessary for me to look picture perfect, now and today!!

Yet another year has passed 2015, the new year was welcomed with great celebrations and happiness.
And when I look into the calendar it is February already!
Only a month into the new year and I have witnessed so many events returning home after visiting mumma and papa, my dear friend relocating in a new country.
People who were a part of my life yesterday, slowly are becoming a part of history, the past.


The circle of life has left me clearly understand the phenomena of time, that “time flies”. Everything that I believe to posses material, tangible or intangible which includes my relationships, my family, my friends, my hair, my skin, my cloths, my shoes. Everything has a limited lifetime, someday everything will become a part of history.

This realization has changed the way I look at things. And I understand that if I had to experience any happiness from any of my possession then it must be today. I can’t let it be tomorrow.

I have changed my attitude, stopped procrastinating ” some day I will call my neighbor ” “someday I will take care of my hair and skin”.
The only way to appreciate of your belongings is to take care of them with love.

I began to love my skin and put time and effort to enhance its beauty.
I began my voyage of skin care, learnt my skin type and found that I had sensitive skin, which needs special care that’s mild and gentle on my skin. I wanted the best care and I found Dove Sensitive Skin, which is specially made to help moisturise and pamper sensitive skin like mine.
Since, I always had sensitive skin and wasn’t aware about the skin type. I always suffered 4 signs of sensitive skin -Redness, Itchiness, Dryness and Sunburn and willing to change these had always been my concern.
But, after using Dove Sensitive Skin it has helped me restore my natural moistures, which I felt robbed away after using ordinary soap strips. Dove Sensitive Skin is very gentle and mild on my skin.

Dove Sensitive skin has 1/4 moisturizing cream that gently cleanses sensitive skin, making it soft and smooth. After the visible difference I learnt more about Dove Sensitive Skin and found it is
1. Hypoallergenic – which means this products causes fewer allergic reaction than others,
2. Non-Comedogenic – which means it is oil free cleanser.
3. Fragrance – free and
4. pH neutral – where pH is a scale to measure basic and acidic nature making it a mild and gentle care for my sensitive skin.

Now, when I look into the mirror I feel proud and very beautiful. Dove Sensitive Skin has helped indulge in luxury, flaunt my skin and look my very best everyday, and truly celebrate my skin.

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