I can’t reach the biscuits mom, it’s too high

From a woman to a mother is like a roller coaster and coming so close to yourself.

When the child is born a mother is born.
Unaware of the world how enormous it is the child rest his tiny little hands on mother.
The new mother, unaware of how world, how it looks to the little child.

The new mother pledges to be an anchor in the child’s journey and envisions for her child to say mother “I can do it ”

Standing up tall playing with all sorts of things, one day the child stands in front of her and says mother, “cupboard is too high, I can’t reach for the biscuits”

She looks back in to her visions,recollects and thinks how can I let you believe that you can’t reach for the biscuits? for if I let you believe that, how will you ever reach for the stars, those are far high in the outer skies.


For , when she stood in front of the mirror and said to herself I am too young, the child voice inside her echoed go for it mother, you can reach for the stars and a life was born.

Sujata’s printing imagination for word press

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