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Dear woman Don’t begrudge the competitive copy cat nature you have

In a recent conversation I caught up few men talking and addressing women as competitive and to frame the conversation, the following quote describes it best “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else”- Judy Garland.

However, having said that the fact is women do copy each other and try to outstand each other. Well!! we are blessed with this qualities.

And when I look on the other side of the female character she is filled with abundance of love, and if she a loving and one of the most beautiful creation in the capacities of a mother then why is she filled with wicked emotions? why the woman experiences such emotions?

In the realm of the the creator’s mind what would be the significance to infuse such extreme qualities in one human being? Why do we woman are the way they are? What if we had non competitive women, would the world would have been a better place to live? Would’nt it?

Well it seems the way females are in their competitive and copy cat skin is the only the best way to make the world a nice a beautiful place to live.

Let’s try to understand, how the world becomes a better place by encompassing the so called wicked attributes of the woman.

In nature beings are created to satisfy or fullfil purposes. Females are primarily the nature’s machinery to produce offspring and take care of them and across species this concept holds true, therefore she is filled with love to give to the offspring and nurture their upbringing, the females are also filled with competitive nature, which severs to fuel her batteries of love and helps her emotions of love keep going. For example when a women encounters other children performing better than hers, she gains all the might in the world to get the best for her child, she works hard to motivate and inspire her child. Had there been non competitive grades in the woman she would have overflown with her emotions of love and not distinguish between her child and other children and all mother’s would be happy with the performances of their children whatsoever, and finally this world would have been only filled with individuals of average outputs, because from childhood their peers were satisfied with their average performance. Had mothers not possessed the competitive nature, children may not be pushing boundaries and reach to their best potentials, and work their way out in the life.

Also., if we look into nature, the little sparrow mother throws her little offspring in the air as she is driven by competition, so they learn to fly early and save themselves from being a pray to their predators.

In real terms, the world would not have progressed exponentially or even worst negatively performed as the mums would be only driven by blind love. So we may co-relate world’s rapid advancement and progression  only because of the competition attitude infused primary by mothers into children. Therefore once again we can say having a mother in life helps to build a outstanding personality and absence of the mother can not be replaced for a child.

So, next time when you are ridiculed for copying other females don’t begrudge it, embrace it as a gift of nature given to you to fullfil your purpose and live your life guilt free.