Monthly Archives: July 2016

My time spinning backwards, has yours began?

Time always  flows ahead, movements that have flown away from my hands like sand never comes back,

Neither do the people moved away by the passing time come back.  Nor the carefree laughter and lying on the back playing with mum and escaping dad every other day.

Always do I remember the song,” only if I could get my childhood back, I would exchange it for anything in return”

The mindless days beneath the sun, the peekaboo and the pillow fights all have ceased away in thin air.

 The he beautifull days of my life.

I am certain, many of us would feel the same when we remember our childhood.

The days of growing up, the days of no limitations and boundless boundaries.I wish those years walk back in my life.

 Time is rude, time is shrewd never spins backwards, not ever even for his mighty son. 

Hang on don’t be disheartened, however his closet ally  “Experience” does always spins back again and again.

Even if I cant get my years back I  can still experince, my sweet memories back which do circle around me.

I can live the cherised years again. Such is the might of experience it can walk your conscious back into time.

I certainly earn my  childhood back again playing on the hay with my children.        playing hide and seek, peekaboo which ley fell on the backstreets of my life long ago. Today again I have them on my to do list all over again and I am ready in my sneakers ready to go.

My little apple  of my eyes, with all his notorious actions has brought my mum dad present in my each day.I think of mum , when I am a mum I think of dad each day when he is far far away, what mum said when I was at this age, how dad acted when I did jumped out in a rage. 

Every word mum said every advice dad gave is now crystal clear, I am as if I speak what mum spoke to me years ago, I have become so much part of them and they a part of me which had never happened ever before.

If time could only move back,then it has certainly started spinning for me.

Has yours began too,?!