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Defer judgements, make space for creativity


Has this ever happened to you, you are stuck in a traffic or travelling in busy train, you look out of window and from no where, a tiny little idea jumps in your mind.

“I could  make a system to smooth the traffic” – response ” No its not your job.”

“Let me try to make a solar gadget”- response “Na, Na it won’t work, don’t waste your time”.

“Let me draw a sketch of the beautiful garden”- response “No it is a rubbish though. You think you are an artist”

What do you think would have happened to these sprouting ideas which were responded with “No it is not your job”   “It won’t work!”, “No you aren’t an artist”.

Yes!! they will fade away, washed away from memory.

whoever experiences such a situation, has not only got rid of a so called silly thought but the world has also lost a budding architect, an outstanding engineering and a famous painter in the dusk of no where. And the world continues to lose  many more brilliant innovators and pioneers whose tiny ideas are responded with a “No”.

Let’s try to work and understand who is judging the world. Who stomped the budding architect? Who crushed the outstanding engineer? The artist?

Who do you think it is?  your boss? or your partner? No, look in the  mirror and you will spot the most powerful person who can possibly stop you. Yes it is none other than yourself. We stop ourselves and kill our creativity.

It is your very own conscious, regulated disciplined and very tactful brain. An Adult human brain which is equipped to scan sort and trash information in everyday life.

But wait a minute! Mr. disciplined and tactful brain, you ability to process information is speeding up and your scanning and sorting is not only also crumbing  unwanted information, but also my special gift, my Creativity!!

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
Albert Einstein

People all around the globe have such amazing big and small ideas and creative solutions to change the world. It is creativity and intellect which  has shaped and changed the world for a better living. Every day innovative solutions to stagnant issues continues to change the world. And not revolt or blood shed which the masses may believe brings a change. A sapling of a new idea, to do things differently.

As much as we know about the power of creativity, we also know sometimes, unfortunately curiosity and stupidity are confused. And because of this arises the fear of rejection. Therefore most ideas don’t even make it to the lime light. So many wonderful ideas lay buried in our minds. And fade away in darkness. Only because we judge ourselves and stop ourselves from venturing into unknown.

Saying a definite “NO” kills the idea and make us move on with day to day life. But saying a “Yes” is a risky area to be for most of us. It certainly does makes space for ideas to grow, but it may lead to a mental battle. What if things don’t work out, the way we plan? What if, one is looked down upon?   and many more.

In such a tossing situation, what could be possibly done? Well a possible solution could be respond to your ideas with a  “Maybe”.  Maybe I can try this new idea, maybe it might work for me.

Maybe, is a safe place to be you see, where you don’t have to engage in the painful battle with your fears and doubts. Maybe, allows space for the creativity to breath a little, spread and grow and sprout out beautifully. “Maybe” could be your best tool to defer your judgement.

Next time before you are scanning, sorting and trashing ideas tell yourself “maybe I must slow down a little, maybe these ideas stand a chance to be tried”. And who knows it might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Wait a little, slide into the skin of the child inside you, who is fearless, experimental and very curious. Open up to the world of possibilities, maybe its worth trying.





















5 basics of effective learning

Learning is an inevitable activity which starts right from birth. Active or passive we are always absorbing information and learning from our environment. Learning maintains an ever rising curve and happens throughout our lives.

We learn new things from people, places, experiences. Anything and everything we come in contact with, leaves an impression on our minds. The ideas or concepts we learn are sometimes pleasing sometimes confusing and sometimes very important and useful.

To keep up with the pace of the modern world it has become absolute necessary to learn and retain information is at a rapid pace. The human brain is processing exponential information like never before. Pick any activity to learn cook, to learn to drive, to learn to play music, to learn to make friends every time the mind is looking for effortless and successful ways of learning. Knowledge is the key to a successful happy life and learning is the door to the ocean of knowledge.

Below are outlined the 5 basics of effective and easy learnings.

1. Ensure happiness through out the learning period.

For a mind to learn and retain new concepts happiness is the key ingredient. Do not stress to learn or understand a particular concept. Remember if you are unhappy, or at discomfort or just in low spirits, then there is no productive learning taking place. Understand that the concept or subject is not being well received by the mind. learning a concept on an unhappy stressed mind is like trashing it. Teachers and mentors must always be mindful of happiness in their sessions and be creative and tactful wherever needed to ensure a successful transfer of knowledge.

2. Plan breaks or intervals:

Allocating sufficient time for breaks and intervals is vital for effective learning, breaks and time offs  helps to successfully grasp and retain the new concept. Not only plan only plan for learning time, and steps and procedures but also space time for post learning relaxation time. Relaxation time helps to detox the mind and remove the unwanted information collected in the learning session. It  refreshes the minds. Gives time for the new concept to retain in mind. Breaks help in building motivation to learn more.

3. Repeat the same concept over and over again:

Irrespective of the discipline be it sports, music, or academic repetition is unavoidable. Reading the same text, playing the same cord or practising a brush stroke over several days have immense advantages. It helps to build and lay down the foundation in the mind to learn the new discipline. It also helps strengthening the memory patterns and shifting the concept from short term memory to long term memory. Emphasising a concept for hours in a day and not revisiting again next day will, just go down the drain.

4. Recall or ask questions:

To understand and evaluate how far a concept is understood it is very important to allocate time for recall in the learning session. Active recall by asking questions helps to engage the mind in newly learnt concept and leave impressions on the mind. It helps to sustain the learning for a longer period of time. Recall helps to identify parts of the discipline which were are not understood in the recent learning session.

5. Eliminate procrastination:

Learning new concepts and discipline mostly activates pain and discomfort in the mind as it seems an unfamiliar task for the mind to perform. Most people procrastinate or give excuses to learn something absolute new or that seem alien to them.

Pain or discomfort generated by learning a new unfamiliar concept can be eliminated by convincing the mind that boring task is only going to last for a pre decided time or couple of minutes. And  they are required to give their best only for these couple of minutes. For the  limited time just focus on the steps involved in doing that task  rather than focusing on the output. The output could be defined as a particular music note, the standard of handwriting,  reading number of pages of a text book.

Focusing on the steps involved in doing the boring task rather than the output is hyper productive. Engage the mind to work on the unpleasant task  for a couple of minutes to establish comfortability with the difficult task. Gradually the pre decided times can be increased and slowly you can work your way to the output.

Dear mom dad don’t put me in a magical, invincible yet a cage

Our lives are evolving at the speed of light and this is happening because of the rapid pace of intelligence and technological evolution.
Also at the same time I wonder about its capacity of overtaking our lives each day.

These following lines express my idea completely
“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”– Elbert Hubbard

One “extraordinary man/person” in a child’s life is none other than parents who decide and shape the life of a child and are most important part of their lives.
Here, I wish to tell the extraordinary person sometime very important which maybe the child cannot say but really wants their parents to know.
I am going to talk about the hassle free, effortless, tantrum consuming toy which we hand over to our children without even giving a second thought.
Did you guess it? Yes it is the super cool tablet or the smartphone or television which has amazing games or the engaging apps.

Wherever I go, to visit a friend or a family, to the supermarket, the malls, or I travel by train or I take a flight fly away from one country to another, I will always find this one child paralysed and mentally caged. Kept busy on the phone or a tablet or on the television.
As an adult maybe having a tablet or a phone may be prestigious object but handing them to children is nothing more than a visual cage. Beware it is not a toy.

As soon as we handover the magical tool the phone or the tablet to the child the world turns around for the kid. The parents becomes the magician and the cheeky, active naughty child turns into a mere puppet. The gadget spellbounds a child with all the fast moving animations and the child has no control over his actions and just like a puppet obeys all that is required.
Only to get a routine task done!! do we really want to do this to our own children? Do they really have be remote controlled and pay the price of being a child. who is naturally adventurous, curious, explorer or maybe sometimes naughty.
We already know that the tablets are highly capable to distract and wipe out memory slots and weakens environmental information storing abilities in living beings.

Do we want to give our children a childhood of no memories ? Or a childhood of a self image of time spent on the screen. Or an image of being mentally spell bound?
Even though we know about all the hard effects of the screen on our children, we sometimes negotiate with ourselves by saying “ what does the child really lose sitting in a trolley playing on the phone or tablet as he/she is engaged and entertained?” however sitting in a trolley he/ she is already not doing any active learning or anything productive other than throwing tantrums?

Dear extraordinary person Wait a minute, remember your childhood remember your learning and joys occurred in the small everyday things you did. The silly acts of laughing, crying, throwing tantrums was the part of your childhood, why not the part of our children?
True learning happens through exploration, and by making mistakes,
Throwing tantrums is a toddlers way to learn about his body mind and its abilities.

If the child was not busy on the tablet in an animated game he could see observe and learn from his parent the art of negotiation for being the future business tycoon. OH! But he lost the lifetime opportunity busy in a game.

If the child in the flight was not busy on the rhymes in a flight he must have learnt and observed how different and colorful the world is and he would have been an expert in human skills. OH ! But the kiddo lost the opportunity to a dancing visual bear.

If the child was not busy on a chase game he might have learnt how difficult it is for mom to choose a party gown for herself. And maybe learnt to be more patient in his future relationships, but Mr Little guy you have to let go of all these opportunities, see because you belong to a tech generation.
Your world must be fast moving at least your brain must feel that at all times. You must be highly stimulated.
Sadly, technology is increasingly being used as a free babysitting/ baby managing service. Which is providing only electronic detachments to kids.
Don’t buy into the idea that, a tablet or a phone has a game age specific to my child, that’s where we sow the seeds of habits to hang on to the gadgets.
Just before the trip to a mall, supermarket, flight or travel why not pack a bag of toys for the children each time you go out?
Pack all your love and extra patience as your mum would have done for you.

Let’s take a step backwards in providing the world to our children.
Let’s stop and think, MAYBE in our quest to provide for all their wants, or in the trade off the “Me time” that we want MAYBE we are taking away their childhood.

Let’s not trap our own children in an invincible, invisible, magical, animated yet a cage. It’s time we wake up, before the cage becomes their home.