Dear mom dad don’t put me in a magical, invincible yet a cage

Our lives are evolving at the speed of light and this is happening because of the rapid pace of intelligence and technological evolution.
Also at the same time I wonder about its capacity of overtaking our lives each day.

These following lines express my idea completely
“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”– Elbert Hubbard

One “extraordinary man/person” in a child’s life is none other than parents who decide and shape the life of a child and are most important part of their lives.
Here, I wish to tell the extraordinary person sometime very important which maybe the child cannot say but really wants their parents to know.
I am going to talk about the hassle free, effortless, tantrum consuming toy which we hand over to our children without even giving a second thought.
Did you guess it? Yes it is the super cool tablet or the smartphone or television which has amazing games or the engaging apps.

Wherever I go, to visit a friend or a family, to the supermarket, the malls, or I travel by train or I take a flight fly away from one country to another, I will always find this one child paralysed and mentally caged. Kept busy on the phone or a tablet or on the television.
As an adult maybe having a tablet or a phone may be prestigious object but handing them to children is nothing more than a visual cage. Beware it is not a toy.

As soon as we handover the magical tool the phone or the tablet to the child the world turns around for the kid. The parents becomes the magician and the cheeky, active naughty child turns into a mere puppet. The gadget spellbounds a child with all the fast moving animations and the child has no control over his actions and just like a puppet obeys all that is required.
Only to get a routine task done!! do we really want to do this to our own children? Do they really have be remote controlled and pay the price of being a child. who is naturally adventurous, curious, explorer or maybe sometimes naughty.
We already know that the tablets are highly capable to distract and wipe out memory slots and weakens environmental information storing abilities in living beings.

Do we want to give our children a childhood of no memories ? Or a childhood of a self image of time spent on the screen. Or an image of being mentally spell bound?
Even though we know about all the hard effects of the screen on our children, we sometimes negotiate with ourselves by saying “ what does the child really lose sitting in a trolley playing on the phone or tablet as he/she is engaged and entertained?” however sitting in a trolley he/ she is already not doing any active learning or anything productive other than throwing tantrums?

Dear extraordinary person Wait a minute, remember your childhood remember your learning and joys occurred in the small everyday things you did. The silly acts of laughing, crying, throwing tantrums was the part of your childhood, why not the part of our children?
True learning happens through exploration, and by making mistakes,
Throwing tantrums is a toddlers way to learn about his body mind and its abilities.

If the child was not busy on the tablet in an animated game he could see observe and learn from his parent the art of negotiation for being the future business tycoon. OH! But he lost the lifetime opportunity busy in a game.

If the child in the flight was not busy on the rhymes in a flight he must have learnt and observed how different and colorful the world is and he would have been an expert in human skills. OH ! But the kiddo lost the opportunity to a dancing visual bear.

If the child was not busy on a chase game he might have learnt how difficult it is for mom to choose a party gown for herself. And maybe learnt to be more patient in his future relationships, but Mr Little guy you have to let go of all these opportunities, see because you belong to a tech generation.
Your world must be fast moving at least your brain must feel that at all times. You must be highly stimulated.
Sadly, technology is increasingly being used as a free babysitting/ baby managing service. Which is providing only electronic detachments to kids.
Don’t buy into the idea that, a tablet or a phone has a game age specific to my child, that’s where we sow the seeds of habits to hang on to the gadgets.
Just before the trip to a mall, supermarket, flight or travel why not pack a bag of toys for the children each time you go out?
Pack all your love and extra patience as your mum would have done for you.

Let’s take a step backwards in providing the world to our children.
Let’s stop and think, MAYBE in our quest to provide for all their wants, or in the trade off the “Me time” that we want MAYBE we are taking away their childhood.

Let’s not trap our own children in an invincible, invisible, magical, animated yet a cage. It’s time we wake up, before the cage becomes their home.


7 thoughts on “Dear mom dad don’t put me in a magical, invincible yet a cage

  1. That’s so true. We should not lock their imagination and childhood in these gadgets. This is the age for them to explore the real things around .

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