Cherish the 16’s girl in you like never before.

The deep cherished desires of every woman would be nothing less than looking good, beautiful and forever young. No matter what age the calendar shows whenever you look closer a woman is always 16’s in her heart.

If it is a dark gloomy day or just a routine day, one sparkling dress will make her day.
She grows from a young girl to a teen, woman, a mother and so on. But standing in front of the mirror, she wonders am I looking good?

In blossom of adulthood, she walks away from home, packing all that she knows and she lustrous in the picture of the 16’s girl.
Makes a home away from home. Learns everything all over again.
And slowly the 16’s girl in her starts to sink deeper in her soul, she can be seen but not very often.

because she is not the same girl anymore.

A few months ago when a mommy to be started her journey. It was the same girl of 16’s but seems a bit heavier. But as new mother she stands in front of the mirror, she don’t recognise the image in the mirror anymore.

Deep down her soul maybe when she shuts her eyes, she sees the 16’s girl in her but with eyes wide open she looks for her madly in the mirror but the sweet 16’s can’t be seen anymore.

The girl cries to herself, looks at herself all around and all she see are the scars of her expanded body, she knows  they will stay forever, only be wiped away in her grave. Reminding her the pain over and over again.

Standing in front of the mirror, she thinks” is this what they say BEING A COMPLETE WOMAN? but where is my known self image, the known face in the mirror?”

The little child yearns for feed, she rushes and realises here is no hope or space for the 16’s girl in me anymore.

Taking care of everything, She slowly forgets herself far behind. Locked up in dust just like her party red dress.

Somedays in  the mirror the 16’s girl escapes, looks into her eyes with a hope.
Someday, maybe someday she will bring her back to life.
Maybe someday she will have time to look like her again.
Life slips away, the 16’s girl waits for her turn.

Don’t let the 16’s girl in you wait for turn forever. Just someday randomly put out your red hot party dress. Go make space for the 16’s girl in you. Hit the gym, learn to swim, but give her a second chance. Because the 16’s girl really makes a happy you. She is always wait for you to come.



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