Dear Single Parent, For The Interest Of Your Child Have A Partner

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Anushka and Rishi never seemed to be in agreement with each other. They always had their own viewpoints and both stayed adamant. It became challenging for both Rishi and Anushka to make peace. They always had differences. And therefore finally after 7 years off trying their best both decided to move on. To go in their own different directions. And when the matter was settled in the court Anushka was granted the custody of their daughter Kia.

“It has been 2 years Anushka you must consider getting married again. Are you seeing someone lately?” Asked Anushka’s mum.

“Mom!! I don’t want to discuss about it again.” Said Anushka as she swiftly walked into the kitchen away from the sofa where her mum was seated.

“No, Anu, you can’t avoid me anymore, I am worried for you my princess.”

“That’s the thing mom, I am worried for my princess, Kia. It’s not about me anymore but about Kia.”

“She is turning 4 and she understands a lot more about relationships.” “And I don’t want to put her in any kind of discomfort Mom!!” “Don’t you understand the heart of a mother?”

A tear makes it’s way out of Anushka’s eyes, revealing her immense love and insecurity for her daughter.

“Anushka, I totally understand your concerns my child. You and Kia are my children and my heart swells for you both.”

“And it is in Kia’s interest that you must find a partner.” mum said with a content in her voice.

“Mom!! If I have a partner how is Kia going to feel about the change? She is too young to handle all these emotions. And certainly it is not in her interest.”

“Dear Anushka, you are the universe for Kia, she copies you in everything she does. She behaves just like you.”

“Children pick up behaviour and character from their surroundings and most importantly from parents.”

“And if you spend your life without a companion, think the kind of impression you will leave for her when she grows up.”

“She will never know how to live and maintain a relationship. Maybe she might fancy someone when the she comes of age. But trust me she might hold herself back from getting into commitment.

If you are not going to demonstrate to her what it means to be in love, while she is growing up. It might be highly unlikely that she might have a stable relationship.”

Mom held Anushka’s hand said to her looking into her eyes “I do understand that it is going to be difficult for both of you to start a new chapter. However I see it is going to be easier for both of you today than anytime in the future. And nearly impossible when she is a teenager.”

As Anushka imagines what mum had just said, she feels awakened to reality. Her eyes get wider and with a deep calm in her voice she says.

“Oh mom!! I had never thought about my situation in this way. I always felt to keep Kia secure and give her the love of both parents myself. But I now understand what I am taking away from her in my fight against myself.”

“Thank you mom”

Anushka hugs mom and another tear rolls down her eyes, maybe this time these are tears of happiness and content.


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