Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Mark Kapino



Mark Kapinos’s Story 

On a cold and frosty afternoon, the three minions, Kevin a smart leader for his tribe walking along him was Bob, a small minion and Stuart, who was a huge fan of bananas. All 3 minions walked for days, which seemed like eternity, in a quest to find the perfect master. Several days later they came to a path leading into the woods. So they switched directions heading towards the forest. The little minions came across a large tree, bigger and taller than the others. They heard a grouting sound coming from the other side of the tree and there sitting and granting was a …bear!

Ah! Could this be what they set out to for? Suddenly they heard a grunt and then a growl. The next moment they saw the bear’s yellow fierce eyes glaring at them.

The minions held their breath…

Then, they realized, this was it! They heard the sound of the monstrous devil! Triumph lay in their hearts. The next morning, they walked back home with the bear, “TAPEERAN” as he was normally known by the minions.

They are settled with their new commander, perfect in every way. Every day they could hunt for food and they would always have bananas for breakfast and they would have bulls or zebras for the dinner.

In the next few weeks the minions began to feel a change in the weather. The master also seemed to notice something. Animals were hard to find. It was getting incredibly cold. It had been snowing for the past few days and sometimes the whole tribe had only bananas left for meals.

The next day seemed like the last day they would ever see their master. Hail was spluttering down from the sky and a storm was brewing fairly near. The master had called for meeting that morning and few minions could speak bear. However, they all listened intensely. At the end some of the minions grouped in horror. In a blink of an eye word spread around that “the monster was leaving because it was getting too cold”. Minions groaned out loud, some even cried. It was such devastating hour for the minions!

They all agreed that they should go with him. A brilliant idea! But only after a few hours, half of the tribe had given up what were they to do?

The minions retreated knowing it was hopeless. There ‘Tapeeran’ had to go. They turned back with cries of “farewell” in minionise.

4 years later…

“Ho Taram!” cried Kevin. The feast is prepared. The minions had a great idea! They were going to make a huge welcome back feast for the master. When the feats had finished the master said the minions would be able to serve him once more.



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