Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Anushka Jha



Anushka Jha’s Story

The three minions have left their homes to find their evil master, and so they set off. Kevin, Bob and Stuart went towards the sea to find their new master. They would not give up the hope. They knew they would find their new master soon.

The minions left their homes to find their destiny. The minion’s tribe lived in the snowy mountains. Kevin, Bob and Stuart went to the pacific oceans because they felt there are a lot of villains that could be found in the oceans or the sea.

Bob said “looks there, an island, straight ahead Stuart.”

They swam for an hour and reached the island. Kevin thought there would only be people on the island. And Bob felt if they swam through the clear blue Pacific Ocean there would be more masters to find. The hard working went ahead. Bob, Kevin and Stuart all searched in different areas.

The three little minions swam underwater. It was very exciting, a little later the three yellow minions bumped into a fish. “You are too small to be our leader, you need to be bigger and have longer arms” Bob said.

And suddenly Stuart collided into a shark. “A shark! It would be just right to be a master.” yelled Stuart. “But, it doesn’t have long arms to attack people with” sighted Stuart sadly.

Lastly Kevin swam across a fierce octopus. “You are just fine to be our master” said Kevin. The octopus’s tentacles were long enough to grab people and throw them afloat. The octopus had sharp pointy teeth.

Bob swam to Stuart and said “look Kevin has found a new master!” Stuart and Bob swam as fast they could to see the Perfect master. They found the octopus waving his tentacles with Kevin.

The Octopus agreed to be a master to the minions.

However, the Octopus always wanted the golden shiny sword. And he ordered the minions “Get me the golden shiny sword now!”

The minions were confused they didn’t anything know about the sword. “What sword?” said a confused Bob.

Kevin understood. “Come on crew” Kevin said. Three days later came back as they have found the sword. This act pleased octopus their new master and brought him home at last, they achieved their goal.



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