Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Riya Lagi



Riya Lagi’s Story

The minions are yellow round creatures with one or two eyes and no nose or ears. Minions are used to work for evil masters, they have attempted to find an evil master many times. They tried to help the dinosaurs, the cavemen, Egyptians and the Dracula. However, there always seemed a problem in sustaining their master. For example, they build the pyramids for the Egyptians however they build them upside down. They accidentally pushed the dinosaur into the volcano while chasing him bananas and so on so forth.

Finally, Kevin who was a very brave and clever minion had a plan to find a new evil master. He decided to go to London and not return till he finds a fierce evil master. He could only do that with a little help, so he picked up Bob. Bob is the smallest minion and he loves banana. And Stuart, who is a faithful and innocent, stepped forward to be a part of Kevin’s mission. So the 3 minions set of to find their master.

The three minions traveled for several days and they found themselves in a dark forest, Bob looked back and forward and cried “I want to go back to my snowy house.” Kevin and Stuart dragged Bob along the floor. When the 3 minions went deeper in to the forest, they came across a swamp. They did not like the mucky green color of the swamp so they walked around it. The three minions came across three baby crocodiles all of them were green in color and had a scaly back.

Kevin picked up one of the crocodile and started walking back home. The other two crocodiles came along and so the minions decided to take all of the three baby crocodiles. The crocodiles always felt very hungry, so the minions always had to hunt for food to feed them. This lead to minions and the baby crocodiles become very good friends.



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