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Workout – Work it out

Working out and keeping fit is not only a physical challenge however it is more of a mental challenge to various barriers you will face during your journey towards your destination ( your desired body shape).
Let me outline the ones I face and how I am keeping my spirits high and feel motivated.

1. I don’t have time
Even before I started working out and always wanted to fit in the beautiful evening dress, and, I told myself I desire it however I can’t have it because I am a mommy now and I have no time, to trim my size anymore. This is just an act of covering up your negligence towards yourself by burdening your children. Doing so you will only create regrets when your children grow up. I convince myself I need only 30 mins of my schedule, I will ditch the internet/laundry/TV/ Coffee Chat etc and go do my work out. The first step to exercise is to have a mindset where you prioritize workout in your daily life and think that you have time to do it.

2. I am too old for it
So when I started exercising after a long time for the last time it was when I was in early 20s to compared now I feel I can’t do all the moves as I am too old for them. The fact is that is a myth. We can perform all moves eventually with perfection. To motivate myself I watched videos of older people and sick people loosing weight and I was convinced ” IF THEY CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT!”.

3. I don’t have the resources
So the next big thing is even if I want to I don’t know where can I start? You don’t have to wander all you can do to start is use a little bit of your common sense start with small steps and start by attacking your unhealthy eating habits you consider you have. I did was 1 good and healthy eating habit for a week replaces 1 bad lifestyle habit stick to it for 3 weeks. The fact is it takes only 3 weeks to indulge an activity as an habit in your life. Make a list of all your wrong doings and their replacements go slow and keep researching and who knows you might catch up a good book/ article/ or a gym instructor. Start moving towards it things will fall in place.

4. What diet do I follow
As we think about weight loss we get obsessed with what should I eat? Diet plan? Appointment with a nutritionist. All I did was I started thinking I need to have a good balanced diet to lose weight and the best diet to follow is your kids diet where we make sure sufficient amount of carbs, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins in form of small and nutrition meals through out the day to keep the little ones goings. That is all we need to be healthy and fit not the absence of food. Avoid pilling all food at once.

5. Body aces
I have started working out with all my might but my body gives it up. Oh god I started working out and it aches like hell. I was certain this will happen once I started exercising out and to keep myself going I track my weight on the first day and track it on the next day if I did have a slightest reduction I work hard feel happy and if I did not have any change feel challenged I work harder to get myself there.

6. Eat it be happy, you don’t need it –
Now that once you have taken care of your own mind and body’s opposition the biggest barriers now are coming from your surrounding friends/ family/ colleagues. They attack you with simple words” Be Happy eat all your food( ideally junk)”. The fact vs myth is it will only take you 6 months to transform or see a good difference in yourself and have a body you have been waiting for years, only if your consistent and committed. I wanna be more happier than ever I say to myself “I can live without the happy food”. Just in few days all your opposition will be your followers. Keep going with your beliefs.

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