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There is no quick fix, to a problem is there any?



There are times, when we want change to happen and we want it to happen quick and fix all the issues at once.
Let me narrate you a story of understanding of the law of the “Quick Fix” solution and why on earth it never works?
I had a long awaited wedding in my family, and the preparations of the wedding had began from the day the wedding day was decided, everyone was excited and I was getting ready to pick up all our might and lose the extra kilos which I felt that now was the most critical time to lose all the unwanted love handles to look my best.
I had laid out a beautiful Quick Fix plan, as I was super busy at work so I could not find enough time to get good workout, therefore I decided to pick up a crash diet just 2 weeks before the wedding so that I can lose required weight and still look my best, I had a quick fix solution which is rather hard and tiring process in regular days. It  was a dream walk, but no sooner my dreams were turned into a nightmare when just 2 weeks before the wedding the scheduled kick off date of my diet I feel sick and there was nothing I could do to follow the diet, as I was already low on energy and the wedding was so close that I should attend the wedding irrespective if I lose weight or not, the expected still needs to be done. I had to think of a new plan and also start executing one straight away.
I decided to take the usual way out, for weight loss, eat balanced food and workout. I also was lucky that I did cut out on fried and sugary stuff for a month now which was not part of the quick fix solution.

After 4 days of sickness, I was back on my feet and I worked out for 2 hours each day an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening focusing all my energies on reducing my belly fat and my love handles. It was a limited period of intense workouts everyday in the preparations of the D day. And finally on the wedding day after dedicated workouts and eating good balance diet I managed to shed all my unwanted picture spoilers. I wore my attire and flaunted my flat abs and picture perfect body. It was a great accomplishing feeling, yet it was a fearful thought, I was worried no matter how hard I worked out in past few weeks in the intense focused sessions I will still put the unwanted weight. I was worried once the wedding fever is over at things are back to normal I will again land up at the same place from where I started. And each, in the future whenever time there will be a huge event lined up in my life I will have to go through the same rigorous process. That night bouncing between happiness sense of accomplishment and despair for the future, juggling in my thoughts  I cracked the secrets of keeping fit at all times and picture ready for any big or small events. And that was “Todays mess must be cleared before the end of the day today, not over the weekend or before any big event, today, now” and you will never end up in tiring intense workout sessions, you will feel the freedom of living your life without having the image of a trapped chicken, who worries about the few extra kilos every now and then each time a celebration  or a party comes up.
And a week later of picking up this attitude of identifying and clearing up each day’s mess that very day’s mess me realize that my my complains and unsatisfied behaviour about my looks was not because I am at a certain age or any dam reason I give myself, but I had to face it because of my inabilities to identify and distinguish between today’s calories and preexisting weight and all this bigger accumulations made me feel trapped.
So, at the end of the story I wish to outline a point that the failure in a particular task is not because of all the x factors we identify but primary because of the weak task identifying pattern and the kind of negative relationship, behaviour we have towards the said task.

Think of any problem in your life where you consider someone or something else responsible, for your backlog or failure no matter how temporary you Quick fix that issue with intended focused session like house hose clean up by intensive cleaning just before the guest arrives or, weight management where one must be learning about the food and the flaw-full behaviours towards food which leads to being obese and over weight people consider liposuction for weight loss or some magical food for weight loss. Once you Quick fix the issue be prepared for another liposuction next next year.

Or for example people who face debt or financial issues think all they problems will vanish once they a get a refinance or windfall gain,fixing it out by any other borrowing will only make the situations more worse. If one does not learn about money and cashflows and the basic ideas to manage income and expenses, soon in sometime will land up at the same place, because in the quick fix remedy process one does nothing to change the behavioural patterns, setup in ones mind. Once the quick remedy is applied you assume the problem is solved for good and go back to your routine habits which lead you again at the beginning of a similar issue that you fixed sometime ago. In other words you will have to alter your relationship with that task or issue, to avoid a new misery.


Finally any issue that isn’t getting solved over and again is clearly stating that the behavioural patterns which have become a part of the individual’s character, is what needs to be fixed by enhancing learning and identifying loopholes. You need to twist your thinking become innovative and change your routine to tackle the issue that you have cultivated over the years before any concrete changes happen to the issue itself, remember if you want to drop out of the loop of quick fix and problem tackling over and over again. Do not Quick fix.


Why I don’t eat the left over food on the plates of my children


For ages we are tough that all our life activities boils down is to have “food”. The highest the greatest form of blessing could be defined, to have 3 meals on your plate. And therefore we are engraved with the idea of never to let food wasted.  And the best respect that could be paid to food would be “All food on a plate must be Eaten!”.

I have lived with this though for ages, however I have started deveating from this though and gone ahead and stopped eating the left over food from the plates of my children and have no carry forward regrets in trashing the left over food and I drain it with great satisfaction and content.
I would like to share the learning that I acquired which helped me achive a milestone change in my behavior.

To understand the idea I am going to talk in the following lines, primarily we need to expand our spectrum and look at the world being inhabited not only by humans but also other species of life like insects, animals, and many other microorganisms.
And then we must now expand the spectrum of the “respect for food” attached which we assume is limited to humans and we blindly over look the existence of any other forms of life.

“All the food on a plate must be eaten!!” But, by someone who is hungry and only then food will be able to fulfill its purpose of satisfying hunger if eaten by someone who is not actually hungry but eats it in an artificial vague to respect it, leads to food not being able to satisfy hunger, but  every over eaten bite of left over food is waste and an extra load on your system.

The food on your child’s plate does not get eaten at the first place because it is deserved by some other form of life actually meant for other microorganisms and insects which also have their share on planet earth.
But humans have overpowered all the other species to an extent that we have assumed that planet earth is inhibited only by the humans and the food on the plate will be disrespected if not eaten by superior race humans.

Lets just stop and think, if the left over food is not trashed how will it stand any chance to reach the hungry and waiting insects and earthen lives which will thrive on this food.
And not to forget to mention, that we also accumulate a curse of eating the left over food as over eating after one has satisfied hunger leads to weight gain which simply means we have overeaten someone else’s share. Someone else here could also be the hungry dragon fly.

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The change Game

Today at the Mastermind Training, I played this wonderful Game, where a person narrates a story and each time the word “change” is shouted out, the narrator has to completely change the theme of the story and continue with a new background. The activity seemed easy, however when I was actually narrating one, it was a complete mind googling experience.
On my way back, from the training, I was thinking about myself and my response to changes, and changes that have occurred in my life. I would always, cling on to my comfort zone, as most of us do.

However change is inevitable, life evolves, irrespective if you wish to or not. Changing cities, getting married, quitting job, relocating and being a parent, all are significant changes that took place in my life. And the greatest of all which I hated was relocating cities and parting from family and friends. Anyone and everyone who knew me since my childhood is certainly aware of my clinging behavior, and how much I hated moving cities and waying bye.

But, today I am a changed person, the sand beneath my feet feels eroding, but it doesn’t shakes me enough.
What is it that has changed inside me? Why I don’t feel the pain anymore? When I change cities, move away from my friends? I don’t shred a tear!! Instead I m prepared, I am happy.

Well to pen down my thoughts, it is a clear vision of a “Better Life”.
Novelty is the course of life, anything that does not flow, renews along the course and adapts to the pace of time will become rotten. If we stick, to present and hold on, nothing will blossom.

For the ” Better Life “, the clear picture, that is what I see, when we move cities, change homes, part from our family and go miles away from them. These distances are actually the stepping stones for a better future for me and for me to be able to provide better living for my loved ones.

So, now whenever, I encounter departure, I believe it must be celebrated and welcomed instead of wept for. Because departure is the beginning of a new story, and not the end of the previous one.

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Toddler tennis at Woodford Wells club

I came across a flyer at my Kiddo’s nursery which read ” Tennis for under 5″. And like any other parent I was willing to try and explore what’s in it for my 2 year old son.
The following week I sorted out things for our Monday Tennis lesson @ 4 pm.
My son has just turned 2 and Tennis at 4 pm after school was a quite a big run, but mummy was determined.
I meet the coach Natasha Argent, who is a bubbly, smiling and encouraging and her learners were out performing at a very young age, and this got me determined even more, I was certain to work out something for lessons with her.
The Tennis under 5 did not work out for my little champ because he was in a group of under 5, which meant kids of 4 years and 3 years old and a 2 year old was quite young to pick up instruction meant for 4 years old.

Thanks to Natasha, she did not turn him down and to wait another year, instead she was welcoming and came up with a creative idea to have him placed in a group of students aged 2 – 3 years old. That is the day the “Toddler Tennis” was born.
In the following weeks me and my friend managed to get more children for Toddler Tennis.

Natasha has always been a smiling and a motivating coach. Her lessons are always fun filled which keeps ticking the little brains and involving them and every lesson is unique and there is always something new each time.
As a Tennis coach she has a right blend of both mentoring ability and exact sense of students requirements.
The Tennis for Toddlers is combination of learning the game, knowing the basis and to keep it entertained enough for the young minds it involves intervals of play time, collecting balls, finding numbers, color spotting, squash the ball.
For a parent like me, who sits and watches the lesson, it a place where he not only learns to play tennis but a lot more skills which he will use beyond the playground.

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Workout – Work it out

Working out and keeping fit is not only a physical challenge however it is more of a mental challenge to various barriers you will face during your journey towards your destination ( your desired body shape).
Let me outline the ones I face and how I am keeping my spirits high and feel motivated.

1. I don’t have time
Even before I started working out and always wanted to fit in the beautiful evening dress, and, I told myself I desire it however I can’t have it because I am a mommy now and I have no time, to trim my size anymore. This is just an act of covering up your negligence towards yourself by burdening your children. Doing so you will only create regrets when your children grow up. I convince myself I need only 30 mins of my schedule, I will ditch the internet/laundry/TV/ Coffee Chat etc and go do my work out. The first step to exercise is to have a mindset where you prioritize workout in your daily life and think that you have time to do it.

2. I am too old for it
So when I started exercising after a long time for the last time it was when I was in early 20s to compared now I feel I can’t do all the moves as I am too old for them. The fact is that is a myth. We can perform all moves eventually with perfection. To motivate myself I watched videos of older people and sick people loosing weight and I was convinced ” IF THEY CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT!”.

3. I don’t have the resources
So the next big thing is even if I want to I don’t know where can I start? You don’t have to wander all you can do to start is use a little bit of your common sense start with small steps and start by attacking your unhealthy eating habits you consider you have. I did was 1 good and healthy eating habit for a week replaces 1 bad lifestyle habit stick to it for 3 weeks. The fact is it takes only 3 weeks to indulge an activity as an habit in your life. Make a list of all your wrong doings and their replacements go slow and keep researching and who knows you might catch up a good book/ article/ or a gym instructor. Start moving towards it things will fall in place.

4. What diet do I follow
As we think about weight loss we get obsessed with what should I eat? Diet plan? Appointment with a nutritionist. All I did was I started thinking I need to have a good balanced diet to lose weight and the best diet to follow is your kids diet where we make sure sufficient amount of carbs, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins in form of small and nutrition meals through out the day to keep the little ones goings. That is all we need to be healthy and fit not the absence of food. Avoid pilling all food at once.

5. Body aces
I have started working out with all my might but my body gives it up. Oh god I started working out and it aches like hell. I was certain this will happen once I started exercising out and to keep myself going I track my weight on the first day and track it on the next day if I did have a slightest reduction I work hard feel happy and if I did not have any change feel challenged I work harder to get myself there.

6. Eat it be happy, you don’t need it –
Now that once you have taken care of your own mind and body’s opposition the biggest barriers now are coming from your surrounding friends/ family/ colleagues. They attack you with simple words” Be Happy eat all your food( ideally junk)”. The fact vs myth is it will only take you 6 months to transform or see a good difference in yourself and have a body you have been waiting for years, only if your consistent and committed. I wanna be more happier than ever I say to myself “I can live without the happy food”. Just in few days all your opposition will be your followers. Keep going with your beliefs.

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5 pretend plays you must let your boys play

As parents and care takers when we think of pretend plays, we immediately categorize our children as girls and boys and then define boundaries for pretend play. These boundaries when planted in childhood get so strong that the little ones can never do away with them.
Pretend plays are kids way of living the adult world. Let’s open a universe of pretend plays for our little boys. The following pretend play for a complete development.

1. Cooking
When ever we think of pretend play and quickly categorise our children into girls and boys and draw huge boundaries for our kids and refrain boys into the kitchen premises. Cooking is an activity through which we are capable of feeding ourselves and bring peace to mind and body. Every child must learn skills to satisfy the basic needs of life irrespective of their gender.

2. Clean up
Living in a clean environment is vital for good health and life long prosperity, this can only be achieved when every child learns to clean up their own mess every time they play or spill around. The idea behind is to have a cleaner kid to have a cleaner planet. Having good clean up habits will ensure independent clean life long living.


3. Arranging things
Involving your little boys in stacking  keeping and arranging things in order leads to an amazing logical thinking. Calculating and measuring the space with sizes and shapes. These skills every child must be capable of doing by the age of 5 and boys should also have their hands on this one. By doing little stacking at home.

4. Negotiations
Like the above stated roles parents of boys must question and challenge the views of their boys instead of accepting this words as final verdict only in the grounds of being a male child. He must be encouraged to negotiate which provides a fair opportunity to boys to learn to validate and justify their opinions. Else in future he will always be short of words to talk things out. This is a life skills which will come handy in all walks or life ranging from corporate jobs to having a healthy married life.

5. Taking care
Being loved is a basic human requirement. Pretending to play as caring nurse, will not hamper his image or destroy his ego of a being a male. Learning to take care of his toys and expressing love and concern will help him grow into a loving a respecting male, rest assured these plays will make him more human.

Cast of the social transcend image and let’s nurture his childhood.

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