Memories forever.

I never knew I’ll hold on to these memories forever.

Decades later, miles away, I never thought I would spell these days as the best ever.

As I look back, I think it was our magnificent get away, we anyways didn’t want to participate in the concepts of business banking, or whatever as we already had a long day.

My brain was blocked, pages were already filled and didn’t even have a decent pen.   

I found an abandoned pen refill on the floor, we shared it to copy the notes from the board.

Definitely it was a win! The meek dead refill saved us from the turbulent furious teacher when we didn’t even have a writing thing.

A few days later, one bright sunny day, we sneaked out of, yet another tedious financial engineering class swapped for some street shopping affair. 

Later that noon, we galloped down a big portion of junk laden with spices and chillies.

And now we fancied a cup of Kesar milk, to quench the terrible dryness, as the burst of spices was getting uneasy to bear.  

I never knew, this was going to be a tale that I could tell forever, the day we were sweating like a pitcher filled with ice- cream, and carelessly using our laughing gear.

I now know those glorious days will never return; the fun-filled days of my life.

The days back then were filled with careless chatter. The days I was doing my masters.

Those days when we had empty pockets, but every moment life was filled with love and laughter.

Nothing to worry, no bills to pay, nothing in particular that I was after.

I never knew I’d hold on and count those days as the best ever.

Recount and recall them forever and ever after.

Copyright Sujata Narang


I wish I could live longer

I wish I could live, I wish I was alive.
I wish I had a longer life and had more time by my side.
It wasn’t that I wanted to travel along the world or
desired to make a world record of any kind.
I only wanted some years to cherish life, spend time with my little daughters and walk along for a few more miles.
Be there for them when they are off mood, cook my girls some ordinary food.
Wake them from bed, knot their hair and wave them off to school.

I wish I had some time to live.
My girls needed me and I needed them.
I wish I wasn’t only considered only a female
An unit capable of reproducing, specifically a male.
I wish I was strong enough, to stop the vicious trial of child rear.
I wish I had a longer life and had more time by my side.

I wish you could understand my girls needed their mother,
instead of a younger brother.
I wish I could have gathered some courage.
To save my soul experiencing the fierce rage.
I wish I had some time to live.
I wish I had a longer life and had more time by my side.

Here I lay my life, leaving behind desires unsatisfied.
Now that I am gone forever, I say the same prayer.
I wish my girls can have a better life.
And, I sincerely hope they live longer and have more time by their side
After giving birth to a girl child.

©Sujata Narang

My Gran, who I never had.

Wearing tight jogger leggings, head phones stuffed in her ears Shreya runs down the street as she gallops huge lumps of air.

The voice in her head says “Come on you can do this, last 5 minutes to go and you will be done with your 30 minute couch to 5k run for the day.”

 Hearing these words she continues to summon her mental strength, battling the pain creeping down her spine and she runs past the Church of England and the crematorium. 

Strangely enough though, the road leading to the station has managed to keep alive the spirit of the past century despite being busy at all times. This side of the town gorgeously blankets the tales of the country side and town life.

The Church edging on the high street of Benfleet sometimes silently whispers the history of the Battle of Benfleet. 

However, Shreya got no time to listen or be distracted as she runs past it. Staying focused to her run she chooses to miss anything the church or the half crown pub had to say.

“Only a few last minutes and I will be done.”

Moments later she hears the much awaited voice in her head say.  

“Hooray! You have completed your run 30 minutes booster run, give a nice pat on the back and feel proud of yourself. Thank you so much for joining me today for your run. It’s now time for the cool down walk. This is Jo Whiley signing off. Check the app for hints and tips to succeed in running.”

The last couple of minutes, apparently seemed to have lasted a lifetime.

“Boom, I have done it, slow down breathe easy. Done and dusted for today.” 

As Shreya walks to cool down she plans to sit and relax at the bench outside the south Benfleet library.

Soaking the warmth of the winter sun, enjoying the joy of being alive. she sits there stretching her muscles, wiggling her arms and twisting her neck as she starts to relax. 

“Last evening was fun!” she thinks to herself.

Shreya begins to recollect the chats she had at her nitter natter chit chat knitting group night. 

Every fortnight she meets her pack. A bunch of chatty crafty women. Swinging and swirling their knitting needles, like warriors, smashing and tucking their wool in enchanting patterns.

She thinks of Jenni, the woman probably in her late 70’s, who, Shreya always enjoys sitting besides and having a little chat.

Thoughts begin to web, and emotions initiate words she felt for Jenni.


I believe she is my Gran who I never had.
I have met her unarranged although
There is nothing random, everything is planned and yes we were destined to meet.
Wow, what a great feeling, I have meet my Gran who I never had.

She held my hand tight,
Kissed on my cheek slight.
Her touch is soft and gentle as if I m a new child.
I could feel her warmth and kindness when she placed her palm on mine.
I have an infinite connection with her.
For every time we meet I know She is my Gran I never had.

Life is short and time is naughty
Galloping fast as it race, undoubtedly plays its game
Flies away when you want it to stay
When in pain slighter like a snail.
I wish to see her every time, I wish she stays fine.
For she is my Gran I never had.

Dear overseas Gran know what,
My Gran would have been just like you
Shrunken frame, wrinkled face and only a few nested gray.
And a genuine smile with the right glimpse of joyfulness
And exactly the same sparkle in shyness.
But you are my Gran who I never had.

I think I don’t belong to this pack, yet I don’t consider it true.
Strangely enough my far flung Gran and I can connect and relate.
I am sure even mum would be a stranger to understand why should we be mates?
But when I peel away our perceptible differences
I always find the warm golden heart of
My departed Gran who I never had.

The fitbit begins to vibrate, it shooks her mind off, teleporting her back to the discomfort of her aching muscles.

“Oh dear, it’s time I must make a move get back and get more things done for today.”

She quickly wraps her mind and mood and gets along into yet another busy day.

Wish you a very happy birthday.

Dhriti had already spent 30 minutes browsing through the internet, yet she wasn’t able to find the perfect picture to match the article she had written about the burglary that took place on church road last night.

It was an unusual day. Nothing seemed right since morning. The luring images of her dream or maybe her nightmare kept creeping back and forth in her head. Even though she looked calm and focused sitting on the chair. Her mind was going through a whirlpool of flashing images and questions.

“Why was I there? What place was that? And whose house was it?” Unlike other dreams which Dhriti always forgets there was something exceptional about this one. Each time she thought about it the impressions of her ordeal became more prominent.

Scrolling down the images on the screen she paused, her eyes were glued on the screen.

“Wait a minute! Is this, that same place? ” she said to herself.

 She couldn’t believe her eyes for what she was seeing on her laptop.

“This picture of the house seems to exactly match the image of the mansion I had seen last night in my strange nightmare! I m not sure if it is happening for real or is it a paranormal thing happening to me,?’’ she wondered.

She was curious yet paranoid and couldn’t stop herself from clicking on the image of the old mansion. It was an ad listed by a property agent.

She looked around the pictures of the house displaying the rooms. Another unpremeditated through crossed her mind. “This property is on sale! That means I can go around and have a look. Visit the place and experience it. I think it will definitely solve the missing pieces of the puzzle. Something unexplained in me tells that I should go there to unveil the story of this house.”

After work, Dhriti finds herself standing at the doorsteps of the massive mansion, she took leave from work early today.

  “Hello, Miss Dhriti, my name is Rahul. Hope you had a good day. I will show you around this house. I must let you know, this property has been on the market for quite some time and not many people have expressed interest in visiting it. Therefore don’t be alarmed by the chipping state of the house. The owners are aware of the situation and are happy to undertake repairs once they find a suitable buyer.’’

‘’So, let me show you in’’

  The door made a loud crackling sound as Rahul struggled to push open the door. It sounded like a disturbed dragon who was abruptly awakened from deep sleep.

Astonishingly, when Dhriti stepped in. She was flooded by a gust of indescribable emotions.

“Looks like I have been here many times. What brings me here still remains a mystery’’ she thought to herself.

“I would like to show you the mansion starting from the first floor, is that Okay?”

“Yes that’s fine, go ahead’’

 Dhriti followed him upstairs. It was considerably difficult to walk on the stairs because they were soaking wet. It seemed like someone had poured insane amount of water down the stairs or there was a massive leak in the property.

“It’s quite strange to see water on the stairs because, according to my records there is no water supply in here for last 1 year.” Rahul exclaimed looking down into the pile of property records as he walked.

They paved their way following water up the stairs. Her doubts and oddity started to inflate even more.

‘’what awaits at the first floor?’’ she wondered.

Starring right into the landing was the smallest room of the mansion. Pulled by an awed force Dhriti went straight into this room. A pale tall mirror was placed in the centre of the room. She peeped into the mirror. She could see every bit of the room reflecting in it. The bits of the cracked wall, stains of the chipping paint, even Rahul standing behind her, excepting her own reflection.

“This is unreal!” she crumbled to herself. She wanted to run away, fleeing down the stairs yet the same bewitched force kept her stoned and glancing into the mirror.

Few seconds later a hazy image started to appear but It wasn’t her’s. It was an ecstatic image of her father.

“Dad? Why am I seeing dad in place of my reflection? I should leave now!” She said in loud overwhelming voice.

Yet Rahul heard nothing he left her in that room allowing her time to inspect the property on her own.

“Dhriti wait, there is nothing to worry. It is me, Dad! I always wanted to show you around this house. Because this house is very special to your mom and me. We lived here when you were born. This little room was going to be yours.” Dad spoke in tender melodious voice.

“I decorated and painted this space for you. But soon after you were born I was drawn into debts. We had to find a new place to live. I always regretted that you couldn’t become aware of this place where you spent your early days. However, I want to let you know, my child, I always wish to see you smile. I want to tell you that I love you enormously and will always be on your side, my love, Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance.”

Excuse me Ma’am, please have a look into the other rooms too. Rahul whispered from the door steps. It was as if he had stepped into her dream and had broken the charismatic spell.

Dhriti looked around and when she turned back to the mirror dad was gone, she saw herself in the mirror, crystal clear.

Dhriti was feeling extremely disturbed for all that she had experienced. Even though it was her father showering his love, she felt “I had enough.”

Dhriti wrapped up the appointment as quickly as she could.

I am amazed why dad and I were in this old mansion in such an absurd way. I hope he is okay.

“I must speak to him now” Dhriti tried calling him multiple times, but couldn’t get through.

“Hi mum, do you know where dad is? I can’t reach him”

“Dhriti, I am in the Red Cross hospital, I was about to call you”

Her voice sounded meek.

“Is everything Okay? Where is dad?”

“He is in the Intensive care Unit, he left for his biking excursion last night and meet with an accident, with a speeding water tanker while turning right.”

“What? That’s not true” and when did you get to know about this? Why didn’t you call me earlier?”

 “I was informed by the police just an hour ago, come here as early as you can. I will tell you all about it then.”

“Is he out of danger?”

“I don’t know, the doctors are trying they haven’t told much about it.” Mom paused longer as she pronounced each word. Dhriti could sense the silent tears rolling down her eyes.

“I will be there as soon as possible. I am on my way.”

Dhriti rushed to the hospital, 40 minutes later she found mum on the last deserted chair in the waiting room.

“Mom, are you okay? Is dad okay now?’’

Mum looked into her eyes but she didn’t say a word. She shredded uncontrollable tears from her swollen eyes. Mom nodded her head in response to Dhriti’s questions, surmounting her worst fears.

“What do you mean?” Dhriti panicked.

“We have lost him” mum blow the heavens apart.

“He was gone soon after the accident. However the doctors kept trying to save him.”

Dhriti collapsed in to mum’s arms and cried like a baby. Shaken by the series of events happened to her. Undoubtedly Today was going to be the most unforgettable day of her life. 

 “We all will miss him Dhriti, he always loved you the most. He was preparing and decorating the house for your birthday. He was very excited for your big day.”

“Come with me now, let’s go and see him for the last time and bid him goodbye.” Mum held Dhriti’s hand and they walked in to the intensive care unit, where he lay calm in his deep sleep.

Giving away in a desire to receive.

After a few hours of wandering on the high street, and peeping into the shops through the glass, Tina decided to step into the charity shop along the end of the road. Though she never bought items from the charity shop she was always curious to know what these shops sold and who bought these goods. Pretending to be a customer, she enjoyed watching the transactions in that shop.

But today as she walked in, she wasn’t aware that she was going to witness an unusual incident that took place in that local charity shop on an ordinary bright sunny day. That incident was powerful enough that she learnt so much in a couple of movements related to habits and raising children, which would otherwise take years to experiment, understand and learn about young minds. This trip to the charity shop turned out to a concealed lesson about respecting belonging and taking care, teaching them what it means to be a blessed child.

As Tina walked in, her attention was seized by a pair of pink stilettos displayed on a glass shelf, shining bright at the thrust. This pair of stilettos looked like a dagger with a long slender blade and needle like point. The sunlight through the window was gleaming, the heels were just the perfect balance between femininity and practicality. They looked so neat and tidy she doubted if they were owned by someone else before reaching this shelf at the charity shop.

The metal wind chimes hung at the charity shop and made a sweet melodious swirling sound each time the door of the charity shop was pushed open. Tina turned around to see who was it? Who had interrupted her gaze with their presence?  As she looked around she found a woman neatly dressed in black and white stripy high neck top and black denims, with high tugged buckled boots. Along her she was grabbing the hands of a little girl wearing two pony tails. Two pink ribbons orderly tied her slightly curled hair. The little girl seems to be anxious and worried in some way and expressing unhappiness through reluctance to walk along the woman.

Tina wondered what seems to be the matter with these two strangers. They had something peculiar about themselves.

The woman walks in the shop and heads straight towards the store manager.

“Hello, we are here to donate this toy that belongs to this little girl here.’’ said, the woman in a crisp voice.

Tina went closer to see and understand clearly what was the matter? In many cases people donate at the charity shop by simply dropping their unwanted belongings at the corner of the shop and get along with their jobs. But this woman seemed to have a story. She had a reason behind her actions.

The toy was doctor set. It was a red wooden box, in absolute good condition and it didn’t seem that the little girl had outgrown the toy or lost interest in this pretty little plaything. Her eyes look fearful and panicky and her gestures expressed that she didn’t wanted to get rid of this precious little belonging of hers. 

‘’This little girl is donating this doctor set to the charity shop’’

“And she also going to tell you the reason, why she is giving away this toy’’ exclaimed the woman.

“Go on Lily tell the lady at the counter, she is waiting!” commanded the lady looking straight into the eyes of the little girl.

She waited for her to speak.

‘’I, I …” groaned the little girl.

The woman interrupted and started to speak completing what the little girl had to say.

“Yeah, say it. I am donating this doctor set, because another child who is more caring and respectful of their belongings must have it, instead of Lily.”

The little girl grumbled a little more, she looked towards the woman with a plea of regret in her tearful eyes.  Her glace meet with the stiff and stern look in the woman’s eyes. The woman handed the doctor set to the store manager. She did not speak another word. And they marched out of the charity shop in haste.

 Tina, stood motionless as she watched the toy being given away and the woman walk of the charity shop. She certainly knew why they have donated the doctor set, but she wasn’t sure if the temperament displayed by the woman was going to have any positive effect in shaping the personality of the young child? What will be the little girl’s take away from this incident?  As today she has lost one of her valuable belongings.

Tina, trying to comprehend all that had happened made her way out of the charity shop. The gleaming charm of the stilettos couldn’t hold her any more. She was much occupied with the thought of the little girl.

As she walked back home this experience made her realize the significance of being precise in actions when dealing with children. The scenes of the episode at the charity shop were clear and vivid in her memory.

‘’you must do the things, you think you cannot.’’ echoed in her mind.

Soon Tina realized she had reached the black gate of her apartment, she unlocked it and made her way up to the building, she wished the little girl recovers from her loss and agony. She hoped she will be able to understand why she had to depart with the red wooden doctor set, ahead of time.

Grant me a Fairy Tale

must make

On a cold dark night Jane lay in her bed starring at the ceiling, lost in her world of desires and wishes. As she heard the sound of the footsteps down the stairs, she quickly tugged up the blanket and shut her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Jane’s step mother peeped into her room and found Jane fast asleep. Her step mother made her way to Cindy and Charlotte’s room. And as she heard her step mother leave Jane quickly jumped out of her bed. She pressed her ears hard against the shared wall to her sister’s room. She heard the sound of her step mother’s footsteps into their room. Jane got ready, a bright shine in her eyes, for her share of bed time stories with. Leaning against the wall, everyday she heard her step mother read bed time stories and fairy tales to her sisters.

The next day she wakes up early makes her bed. In the kitchen she lays the wood, burns fire, places the pot on fire and sits on a chair. She wonders and thinks of the last night. ‘’I wish someday mother would love me just like my sisters. I wish someday she would read me a fairy tale and put me to bed with a kiss on my forehead.’’

Watching the stew being cooked, a tear rolls down her eyes. Sinking in her chair, she thinks of her mother, who father said was in heaven. ‘’oh mother, I wish you were here, for I have no one to care.’’ She lays her head on her laps and cries quietly so that no is able to hear.

‘’Jane! my child, don’t cry in despair!’’

Jane hears a soft loving voice she looks around the room with her red swollen eyes, but she doesn’t sees anyone.

‘’Look up look here my child’’ says the soft loving voice.

She sees an angel with a magic wand in her hand.

‘’who are you?’’ asked Jane

‘’I am your fairy godmother, sent by the angels. I am here to grant you a wish.’’ ‘’Tell me what should it be.’’

Jane wipes her tears, she puts herself together, “you are my fairy godmother, and you will grant me a wish!’’ she inquires with a disbelief in her smile.

She feels overjoyed her eyes open wide.

‘’There is nothing more than I could wish for, than being told a fairy tale. I wish I had mother who loved me just like Cindy and Charlotte. I wish was I was put to bed with a kiss on my forehead.”

‘’So shall be it, tonight your wish shall be granted, you shall have a fairy tale for yourself. Tonight before going to bed, sneak in a pumpkin and 2 mice in your room.’’ pronounced the fairy god mother and disappeared

That night, as instructed by the fairy god mother Jane placed the pumpkin and the two mice in her room, and she stayed up awake waiting for her fairy godmother, excited for her wish to be granted.

Suddenly in the darkest of the room, she saw a big flash of light and the fairy godmother appeared with a magic wand in her hand. Jane jumped up, for it was time.

The fairy godmother waved her wand the room was filled with light and glitter. In splash the room turned in a magical glittering forest. The pumpkin turned into a magical flying carpet, the two mice became Cindy and Charlotte. Jane old rags were turned into a beautiful new dress and she had neatly done hair.

‘’Get on the magic carpet, little girls’’ exclaimed the fairy godmother. ‘’it will take you around the fairyland, but remember to be back, before it is midnight, or else the magic will dispel and the fairy tale will turn into a nightmare.’’

Jane was happy as she could be. For, she was flying over the magical forest with her sisters. Jane felt overjoyed as could play with Cindy and Charlotte as she always wanted to, since the time her sisters were born. Her fairy godmother was really sent by the angels she felt.

The three little girls spent the night flying over the mountains, and across the mystical river in the fairy land. They chased the golden deer and tasted the juicy berries hanging from the sparkling trees.

She had a splendid time in the forest.

Suddenly the forest started getting dark, the trees started stretching their branches. And a huge bark emerged from underneath the earth with an enormous clock engraved on it. Jane watched the forest getting gloomy and the emerging bark from underneath. She saw the clock, it was five to mid night. The words of fairy god mother struck her “remember to return before midnight’’.

‘’Oh no!’’ she cried ‘’I must leave!’’ she ran out of the magical forest and rode back on the magical carpet. She flew back quickly out of the forest.

Back in her room everything seemed quite, like nothing had changed. She changed back into her rags and lay on the bed. Thinking of the time she spent in the land of the fairy tales, flying through the forest on the magical carpet. And then she heard her step mother enter her room. She closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. Her step mother entered her room tucked her up in the blanket and planted a kiss on her forehead. Jane was puzzled she felt she mistakenly sneaked into her sister’s room.

After her mother left Jane opened her eyes, she inquired the room. She was astonished and found that there were no walls between her room and Cindy and Charlotte’s room. All three girls shared the same room. The fairy godmother sprinkled some glitter, and  Jane went to bed.

Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Siya Khatija



Siya’ Khatija’s Story

The three minions Kevin, Bob and Stuart made a boat and started their journey to find the perfect master for their tribe.
As they left their home Bob started crying “How long is it going to take?” asked bob. “Not long…. guys” said Kevin. After a while Bob, Kevin and Stuart got really tired and hungry. Bob, who was extremely hungry, felt that Kevin and Stuart are bananas and so he started liking them, as if they were 2 yummy bananas.

But suddenly there was a loud sound “BEPPP!” – The Sound of a huge large ship. The sound scared them all and their boat crashed into the ship. The boat went flying across and landed in front of a shopping store. Bob, who was still hungry, and ran quickly into the shopping store and started eating all the food and drinking all the drinks. “Stop Bob” cried Kevin.

Suddenly the shopping store blew into fire “Oh No!” said Stuart. “No, don’t worry, I don’t think Bob is dead” said Kevin.

Bob was in Killer Kate’s arms.“Give me that Jewel or else your brother dies!” exclaimed Killer Kate.

“Watt! I deat won!” said Bob.

“Nooooo, wait you speak a different language!” said Killer Kate.

“We want a new leader” said Kevin.

“I have no idea! What are you talking about” said Killer Kate.

Killer Kate took all the three minions to her palace she learned to speak the minionies language and she understood that the minions wanted a new evil leader.

Killer Kate decided to be the evil leader for the minion’s tribe. She called for all the minion tribe to join her army in her palace.

However, Killer Kate was preparing to go on a mission, and so she couldn’t take all the million minions with her, she only had a ship which could only accommodate a thousand minions. The minions wanted to join Killer Kate, or else they would die of hunger and hot weather.

“What could I do?” said Killer Kate, “Oh, could we make a bigger ship” said the minions. The minions worked hard to build a bigger ship.

A few days later the Killer Kate felt she was getting delayed for her mission, and the minions were getting exhausted and hot. If the minions got very hot they would melt. Two months later, they finally made a big ship. But a few minions died, because of the rising heat.

Killer Kate knew that she had to hurry up or else all the other minions would die and become extinct. It took them 9 days to pack their belongings and finally they left for their journey. The minions were happy ever after.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Ritisha



Ritisha ‘s Story 

All the minions were celebrating. They were going to have the chance to meet their despicable leader. “Conal Paw Treem” said the D.J in minionies which meant “come on its party time!”

After dinner all the minions gathered around the fire to listen to the three protagonists, Kevin, Bob and Stuart, who been wandering for months to find the perfect master.

“We trudged through the powdery snow and glided along the glistering ice.” Bob said.

“We came across a forest it was poky and dark” Kevin said.

“In the deep dark forest, we caught a glimpse of light in the center of the tress. A sliver blade was the source of the light. The blade seemed like a sword, but it was not just any sword, it was a magical sword…” Kevin explained with a bright shine in his big round eyes.

“We saw a bright shinny light ahead and that is where we found our master” Stuart ended.

Suddenly all the minions looked around, as they heard,

“Hi there”, a booming voice from the sword. The voice spoke in fluent minionise. This surprised all the Minions because one could speak minioniese apart from minions.

“I CAN BE YOUR MASTER”. All the minions were so please that they ran back home in a glee. But there was one minion who was not excited and pleased. He was the oldest minion, Chinka…

Chninka was deaf, ugly, short sighted and dumb and none of the minions knew how old he was for, he was so old that no other minion was born before him. And the minions couldn’t count.

A sudden crash came from below. The minions turned! The minions screamed! The minions shrugged! The sword had been destroying all the minions. By the next day the sword had destroyed all the four royal minions and many other and carried on destryoing. Only six minions managed to escape and hid in a snowy cave.

Bob, Stuart, Kevin, Riya, Siya and Ritisha. After a few days the minions courageously ventured out of the cave, so that they could find some food and survive. The minions started to live together and their population grew back again.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Riya Lagi



Riya Lagi’s Story

The minions are yellow round creatures with one or two eyes and no nose or ears. Minions are used to work for evil masters, they have attempted to find an evil master many times. They tried to help the dinosaurs, the cavemen, Egyptians and the Dracula. However, there always seemed a problem in sustaining their master. For example, they build the pyramids for the Egyptians however they build them upside down. They accidentally pushed the dinosaur into the volcano while chasing him bananas and so on so forth.

Finally, Kevin who was a very brave and clever minion had a plan to find a new evil master. He decided to go to London and not return till he finds a fierce evil master. He could only do that with a little help, so he picked up Bob. Bob is the smallest minion and he loves banana. And Stuart, who is a faithful and innocent, stepped forward to be a part of Kevin’s mission. So the 3 minions set of to find their master.

The three minions traveled for several days and they found themselves in a dark forest, Bob looked back and forward and cried “I want to go back to my snowy house.” Kevin and Stuart dragged Bob along the floor. When the 3 minions went deeper in to the forest, they came across a swamp. They did not like the mucky green color of the swamp so they walked around it. The three minions came across three baby crocodiles all of them were green in color and had a scaly back.

Kevin picked up one of the crocodile and started walking back home. The other two crocodiles came along and so the minions decided to take all of the three baby crocodiles. The crocodiles always felt very hungry, so the minions always had to hunt for food to feed them. This lead to minions and the baby crocodiles become very good friends.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Anushka Jha



Anushka Jha’s Story

The three minions have left their homes to find their evil master, and so they set off. Kevin, Bob and Stuart went towards the sea to find their new master. They would not give up the hope. They knew they would find their new master soon.

The minions left their homes to find their destiny. The minion’s tribe lived in the snowy mountains. Kevin, Bob and Stuart went to the pacific oceans because they felt there are a lot of villains that could be found in the oceans or the sea.

Bob said “looks there, an island, straight ahead Stuart.”

They swam for an hour and reached the island. Kevin thought there would only be people on the island. And Bob felt if they swam through the clear blue Pacific Ocean there would be more masters to find. The hard working went ahead. Bob, Kevin and Stuart all searched in different areas.

The three little minions swam underwater. It was very exciting, a little later the three yellow minions bumped into a fish. “You are too small to be our leader, you need to be bigger and have longer arms” Bob said.

And suddenly Stuart collided into a shark. “A shark! It would be just right to be a master.” yelled Stuart. “But, it doesn’t have long arms to attack people with” sighted Stuart sadly.

Lastly Kevin swam across a fierce octopus. “You are just fine to be our master” said Kevin. The octopus’s tentacles were long enough to grab people and throw them afloat. The octopus had sharp pointy teeth.

Bob swam to Stuart and said “look Kevin has found a new master!” Stuart and Bob swam as fast they could to see the Perfect master. They found the octopus waving his tentacles with Kevin.

The Octopus agreed to be a master to the minions.

However, the Octopus always wanted the golden shiny sword. And he ordered the minions “Get me the golden shiny sword now!”

The minions were confused they didn’t anything know about the sword. “What sword?” said a confused Bob.

Kevin understood. “Come on crew” Kevin said. Three days later came back as they have found the sword. This act pleased octopus their new master and brought him home at last, they achieved their goal.