Giving away in a desire to receive.

After a few hours of wandering on the high street, and peeping into the shops through the glass, Tina decided to step into the charity shop along the end of the road. Though she never bought items from the charity shop she was always curious to know what these shops sold and who bought these goods. Pretending to be a customer, she enjoyed watching the transactions in that shop.

But today as she walked in, she wasn’t aware that she was going to witness an unusual incident that took place in that local charity shop on an ordinary bright sunny day. That incident was powerful enough that she learnt so much in a couple of movements related to habits and raising children, which would otherwise take years to experiment, understand and learn about young minds. This trip to the charity shop turned out to a concealed lesson about respecting belonging and taking care, teaching them what it means to be a blessed child.

As Tina walked in, her attention was seized by a pair of pink stilettos displayed on a glass shelf, shining bright at the thrust. This pair of stilettos looked like a dagger with a long slender blade and needle like point. The sunlight through the window was gleaming, the heels were just the perfect balance between femininity and practicality. They looked so neat and tidy she doubted if they were owned by someone else before reaching this shelf at the charity shop.

The metal wind chimes hung at the charity shop and made a sweet melodious swirling sound each time the door of the charity shop was pushed open. Tina turned around to see who was it? Who had interrupted her gaze with their presence?  As she looked around she found a woman neatly dressed in black and white stripy high neck top and black denims, with high tugged buckled boots. Along her she was grabbing the hands of a little girl wearing two pony tails. Two pink ribbons orderly tied her slightly curled hair. The little girl seems to be anxious and worried in some way and expressing unhappiness through reluctance to walk along the woman.

Tina wondered what seems to be the matter with these two strangers. They had something peculiar about themselves.

The woman walks in the shop and heads straight towards the store manager.

“Hello, we are here to donate this toy that belongs to this little girl here.’’ said, the woman in a crisp voice.

Tina went closer to see and understand clearly what was the matter? In many cases people donate at the charity shop by simply dropping their unwanted belongings at the corner of the shop and get along with their jobs. But this woman seemed to have a story. She had a reason behind her actions.

The toy was doctor set. It was a red wooden box, in absolute good condition and it didn’t seem that the little girl had outgrown the toy or lost interest in this pretty little plaything. Her eyes look fearful and panicky and her gestures expressed that she didn’t wanted to get rid of this precious little belonging of hers. 

‘’This little girl is donating this doctor set to the charity shop’’

“And she also going to tell you the reason, why she is giving away this toy’’ exclaimed the woman.

“Go on Lily tell the lady at the counter, she is waiting!” commanded the lady looking straight into the eyes of the little girl.

She waited for her to speak.

‘’I, I …” groaned the little girl.

The woman interrupted and started to speak completing what the little girl had to say.

“Yeah, say it. I am donating this doctor set, because another child who is more caring and respectful of their belongings must have it, instead of Lily.”

The little girl grumbled a little more, she looked towards the woman with a plea of regret in her tearful eyes.  Her glace meet with the stiff and stern look in the woman’s eyes. The woman handed the doctor set to the store manager. She did not speak another word. And they marched out of the charity shop in haste.

 Tina, stood motionless as she watched the toy being given away and the woman walk of the charity shop. She certainly knew why they have donated the doctor set, but she wasn’t sure if the temperament displayed by the woman was going to have any positive effect in shaping the personality of the young child? What will be the little girl’s take away from this incident?  As today she has lost one of her valuable belongings.

Tina, trying to comprehend all that had happened made her way out of the charity shop. The gleaming charm of the stilettos couldn’t hold her any more. She was much occupied with the thought of the little girl.

As she walked back home this experience made her realize the significance of being precise in actions when dealing with children. The scenes of the episode at the charity shop were clear and vivid in her memory.

‘’you must do the things, you think you cannot.’’ echoed in her mind.

Soon Tina she realized she had reached the black gate of her apartment, she unlocked it and made her way up to the building, she wished the little girl recovers from her loss and agony. She hoped she will be able to understand why she had to depart with the red wooden doctor set, ahead of time.


Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Siya Khatija



Siya’ Khatija’s Story

The three minions Kevin, Bob and Stuart made a boat and started their journey to find the perfect master for their tribe.
As they left their home Bob started crying “How long is it going to take?” asked bob. “Not long…. guys” said Kevin. After a while Bob, Kevin and Stuart got really tired and hungry. Bob, who was extremely hungry, felt that Kevin and Stuart are bananas and so he started liking them, as if they were 2 yummy bananas.

But suddenly there was a loud sound “BEPPP!” – The Sound of a huge large ship. The sound scared them all and their boat crashed into the ship. The boat went flying across and landed in front of a shopping store. Bob, who was still hungry, and ran quickly into the shopping store and started eating all the food and drinking all the drinks. “Stop Bob” cried Kevin.

Suddenly the shopping store blew into fire “Oh No!” said Stuart. “No, don’t worry, I don’t think Bob is dead” said Kevin.

Bob was in Killer Kate’s arms.“Give me that Jewel or else your brother dies!” exclaimed Killer Kate.

“Watt! I deat won!” said Bob.

“Nooooo, wait you speak a different language!” said Killer Kate.

“We want a new leader” said Kevin.

“I have no idea! What are you talking about” said Killer Kate.

Killer Kate took all the three minions to her palace she learned to speak the minionies language and she understood that the minions wanted a new evil leader.

Killer Kate decided to be the evil leader for the minion’s tribe. She called for all the minion tribe to join her army in her palace.

However, Killer Kate was preparing to go on a mission, and so she couldn’t take all the million minions with her, she only had a ship which could only accommodate a thousand minions. The minions wanted to join Killer Kate, or else they would die of hunger and hot weather.

“What could I do?” said Killer Kate, “Oh, could we make a bigger ship” said the minions. The minions worked hard to build a bigger ship.

A few days later the Killer Kate felt she was getting delayed for her mission, and the minions were getting exhausted and hot. If the minions got very hot they would melt. Two months later, they finally made a big ship. But a few minions died, because of the rising heat.

Killer Kate knew that she had to hurry up or else all the other minions would die and become extinct. It took them 9 days to pack their belongings and finally they left for their journey. The minions were happy ever after.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Ritisha



Ritisha ‘s Story 

All the minions were celebrating. They were going to have the chance to meet their despicable leader. “Conal Paw Treem” said the D.J in minionies which meant “come on its party time!”

After dinner all the minions gathered around the fire to listen to the three protagonists, Kevin, Bob and Stuart, who been wandering for months to find the perfect master.

“We trudged through the powdery snow and glided along the glistering ice.” Bob said.

“We came across a forest it was poky and dark” Kevin said.

“In the deep dark forest, we caught a glimpse of light in the center of the tress. A sliver blade was the source of the light. The blade seemed like a sword, but it was not just any sword, it was a magical sword…” Kevin explained with a bright shine in his big round eyes.

“We saw a bright shinny light ahead and that is where we found our master” Stuart ended.

Suddenly all the minions looked around, as they heard,

“Hi there”, a booming voice from the sword. The voice spoke in fluent minionise. This surprised all the Minions because one could speak minioniese apart from minions.

“I CAN BE YOUR MASTER”. All the minions were so please that they ran back home in a glee. But there was one minion who was not excited and pleased. He was the oldest minion, Chinka…

Chninka was deaf, ugly, short sighted and dumb and none of the minions knew how old he was for, he was so old that no other minion was born before him. And the minions couldn’t count.

A sudden crash came from below. The minions turned! The minions screamed! The minions shrugged! The sword had been destroying all the minions. By the next day the sword had destroyed all the four royal minions and many other and carried on destryoing. Only six minions managed to escape and hid in a snowy cave.

Bob, Stuart, Kevin, Riya, Siya and Ritisha. After a few days the minions courageously ventured out of the cave, so that they could find some food and survive. The minions started to live together and their population grew back again.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Riya Lagi



Riya Lagi’s Story

The minions are yellow round creatures with one or two eyes and no nose or ears. Minions are used to work for evil masters, they have attempted to find an evil master many times. They tried to help the dinosaurs, the cavemen, Egyptians and the Dracula. However, there always seemed a problem in sustaining their master. For example, they build the pyramids for the Egyptians however they build them upside down. They accidentally pushed the dinosaur into the volcano while chasing him bananas and so on so forth.

Finally, Kevin who was a very brave and clever minion had a plan to find a new evil master. He decided to go to London and not return till he finds a fierce evil master. He could only do that with a little help, so he picked up Bob. Bob is the smallest minion and he loves banana. And Stuart, who is a faithful and innocent, stepped forward to be a part of Kevin’s mission. So the 3 minions set of to find their master.

The three minions traveled for several days and they found themselves in a dark forest, Bob looked back and forward and cried “I want to go back to my snowy house.” Kevin and Stuart dragged Bob along the floor. When the 3 minions went deeper in to the forest, they came across a swamp. They did not like the mucky green color of the swamp so they walked around it. The three minions came across three baby crocodiles all of them were green in color and had a scaly back.

Kevin picked up one of the crocodile and started walking back home. The other two crocodiles came along and so the minions decided to take all of the three baby crocodiles. The crocodiles always felt very hungry, so the minions always had to hunt for food to feed them. This lead to minions and the baby crocodiles become very good friends.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Anushka Jha



Anushka Jha’s Story

The three minions have left their homes to find their evil master, and so they set off. Kevin, Bob and Stuart went towards the sea to find their new master. They would not give up the hope. They knew they would find their new master soon.

The minions left their homes to find their destiny. The minion’s tribe lived in the snowy mountains. Kevin, Bob and Stuart went to the pacific oceans because they felt there are a lot of villains that could be found in the oceans or the sea.

Bob said “looks there, an island, straight ahead Stuart.”

They swam for an hour and reached the island. Kevin thought there would only be people on the island. And Bob felt if they swam through the clear blue Pacific Ocean there would be more masters to find. The hard working went ahead. Bob, Kevin and Stuart all searched in different areas.

The three little minions swam underwater. It was very exciting, a little later the three yellow minions bumped into a fish. “You are too small to be our leader, you need to be bigger and have longer arms” Bob said.

And suddenly Stuart collided into a shark. “A shark! It would be just right to be a master.” yelled Stuart. “But, it doesn’t have long arms to attack people with” sighted Stuart sadly.

Lastly Kevin swam across a fierce octopus. “You are just fine to be our master” said Kevin. The octopus’s tentacles were long enough to grab people and throw them afloat. The octopus had sharp pointy teeth.

Bob swam to Stuart and said “look Kevin has found a new master!” Stuart and Bob swam as fast they could to see the Perfect master. They found the octopus waving his tentacles with Kevin.

The Octopus agreed to be a master to the minions.

However, the Octopus always wanted the golden shiny sword. And he ordered the minions “Get me the golden shiny sword now!”

The minions were confused they didn’t anything know about the sword. “What sword?” said a confused Bob.

Kevin understood. “Come on crew” Kevin said. Three days later came back as they have found the sword. This act pleased octopus their new master and brought him home at last, they achieved their goal.



Creative Cube Summer Camp Aug ’18- “Minions- Who would find the boss?” Story by Mark Kapino



Mark Kapinos’s Story 

On a cold and frosty afternoon, the three minions, Kevin a smart leader for his tribe walking along him was Bob, a small minion and Stuart, who was a huge fan of bananas. All 3 minions walked for days, which seemed like eternity, in a quest to find the perfect master. Several days later they came to a path leading into the woods. So they switched directions heading towards the forest. The little minions came across a large tree, bigger and taller than the others. They heard a grouting sound coming from the other side of the tree and there sitting and granting was a …bear!

Ah! Could this be what they set out to for? Suddenly they heard a grunt and then a growl. The next moment they saw the bear’s yellow fierce eyes glaring at them.

The minions held their breath…

Then, they realized, this was it! They heard the sound of the monstrous devil! Triumph lay in their hearts. The next morning, they walked back home with the bear, “TAPEERAN” as he was normally known by the minions.

They are settled with their new commander, perfect in every way. Every day they could hunt for food and they would always have bananas for breakfast and they would have bulls or zebras for the dinner.

In the next few weeks the minions began to feel a change in the weather. The master also seemed to notice something. Animals were hard to find. It was getting incredibly cold. It had been snowing for the past few days and sometimes the whole tribe had only bananas left for meals.

The next day seemed like the last day they would ever see their master. Hail was spluttering down from the sky and a storm was brewing fairly near. The master had called for meeting that morning and few minions could speak bear. However, they all listened intensely. At the end some of the minions grouped in horror. In a blink of an eye word spread around that “the monster was leaving because it was getting too cold”. Minions groaned out loud, some even cried. It was such devastating hour for the minions!

They all agreed that they should go with him. A brilliant idea! But only after a few hours, half of the tribe had given up what were they to do?

The minions retreated knowing it was hopeless. There ‘Tapeeran’ had to go. They turned back with cries of “farewell” in minionise.

4 years later…

“Ho Taram!” cried Kevin. The feast is prepared. The minions had a great idea! They were going to make a huge welcome back feast for the master. When the feats had finished the master said the minions would be able to serve him once more.



5 tips to Good Luck!

Merry Christmas!


In the history of human intellect, we are always finding ways and means to achieve our desires and dreams. In a quest to attain new possibilities we always turn to destiny, fortune and luck. We try to calculate, quantify our destiny. Embrace Ornaments and charms that we feel are linked to our luck. However the factor of luck is mysterious and concealed and it seems a difficult task to break it down in to specified quantified procedures.

People all around the world have developed various ways to master luck in their own styles, some people believe eating a specific food would invoke good fortune, some people assume wearing specific types of clothing, ornaments and charms elevates luck. Everyone seems to have developed a formula to attract the positive energies.

Yet, I strive and wonder to understand what is luck? I wish to dig deeper and learn more about the mystic world of prosperity and desire.

Did the events, that took place in a lucky person’s life occurred because they were destined to? Or was it well planned series of events? Do people get into a beautiful lovely relationship just by chance? Or was it a calculated itinerary of actions leading to it? Did the investment banker have a break through income by chance? Or are there more hidden, unknown aspects to their success? Was it is mere destiny for beautiful lady to be the top model or did she work her way out?

As I wondered, I learnt luck is a proportionate combination of skills, abilities and awareness a person posses. It struck me to inscribe a blueprint for invoking luck, so that anyone could apply these principles for accelerating luck.

1.  Ask : The first and foremost ingredient of being lucky or to achieve any success in a relationship, business, life or career you must clearly and certainly know what you want from your life in any those regards of your life. Asking involves, engaging your mind body and soul in determining what you want. Unless you believe in your desires and wishes you cannot evoke luck. The fastest route to make dreams, desires and ideas come true is by layering strong beliefs. Making your conscious believe that all you desire is achievable is the single most important step in being lucky. If you can dream it, desire it and ASK for it, you will get it.

2.  Awareness: success comes to people who are conscious and welcome success in their life. To achieve success you must be prompt and aware of what is happening around in the world you live in. To become highly lucky you must have a solid understanding of the culture of the people around you. Be sensitive to the ideas of your society. Awareness brings good luck because once you are aware of your surrounding you can take appropriate decisions to your benefit. The outcome prove to be fortunate and lucky.

3. Network: Having large network of people in your acquaintances is a lucky charm. Having a network of people on whom you can fall back on in times of crisis and uncertainties, is a well kept secret of lucky people. The lucky lot of people are either aware of the benefits of having large network or are people’s person. These lucky chaps will always have a long list of people on whom they keep in touch with. Unlike most people who have a different outfit for a different occasion, lucky people have a different friend to get along at different occasions. If you are looking to improve your luck probabilities, start shelling out of your comfort zone and ramp up your PR skills.

4. Taking risk: Being lucky is not accidental, good fortune follows when you take consistent calculated steps to move out of and expand your risk appetite. Attempting to do task that you haven’t done ever in your life brings awareness of your personal strengths and weakness. Taking calculated and planned risk, doing the unknown, visiting new destination and approaching new people all open up new opportunities and avenues in life. Enhanced success and prosperity lies on the boundaries of our limitations. The more comfortable you become with your limitations and learn to hedge your risk, you can effortlessly pump your luckiness quotient.

5. Leverage planning and preparation : not everyone is born with outstanding communication skills, yet if you wish to be an excellent orator planning, practice and preparing your speech can hold your back. Ability to look ahead and being to plan for future and prepare for uncertainties is one of the common behavioral traits of lucky people. Planning and preparation can be your best tool to leverage your fears, and doubts. Preparing well in advance for your big events in life like interviews, gathering, meet ups and having planned a back up plan for all set of actions will always lead to success and victory.

I wish you luck in applying and following the techniques of boosting luck, and I will see you on the other side on the mystic land of serendipity. Cheers!!


“My beliefs, inwards or outwards looking people”

I quote “My beliefs will run through everything I do. My beliefs, my values are my anchor and when people try to drag me, as I know they will, it is to that sense of right and wrong, that sense of who I am and what I believe, to which I will always hold.” Ed Miliband.

I quote “My beliefs will run through everything I do. My beliefs, my values are my anchor and when people try to drag me, as I know they will, it is to that sense of right and wrong, that sense of who I am and what I believe, to which I will always hold.” Ed Miliband.

Here today I want to talk about a striking contrast concept, invisible to the conscious mind. The role our beliefs and our Indian values play in shaping the face of our cities, towns, roads, and our villages. Ever wondered why can’t India have beautiful sparkling spotless clean cities, towns and villages?

Untitled design (2)

I believe it has to do a lot with our morals and values which we hold within.

City Life (1)

The above quote is so relevant, our beliefs shape our destiny and shapes each and every decision we undertake. And more interestingly the common beliefs of the society, community and the country will shape the destiny of the society. The common belief defines the way the country thinks, behave and works together. It surprisingly also plays an important role and controls the subconscious decisions in how our cities, towns and villages will look, how well our roads and dams will be constructed and maintained.

In a country like India, spirituality and religion dominates in shaping our beliefs and values. Some Indians may argue that they are not religiously inclined or spiritual headed. However living in an environment of religiously bended society, ideas and thoughts do get moulded beyond one’s control and knowledge.

So, let me explain how I am trying to join the elements of spirituality and the state of infrastructure our country .

Most religious and spiritual sects in India talks about happiness and tranquility of the inner self. Focusing and looking inwards is defined as a path to accomplish all material and immaterial happiness in the universe. The belief defines that the universe exists within you, and there is nothing outside, which the mind wanders for. We clearly can find this belief ingrained in a large number of population residing throughout the lengths and the breadths of the country.

This is idea is an incredible thought and provides limitless strength to individuals. Also in many occasions in the history, inner self focus belief has proven to be instrumental in drawing the country out of misery and depression.

However there is flip side to the idea, and as mentioned earlier beliefs run through everything that we do. As we (Indians) are “inward looking beings” our energies and minds are focused on the insides not the outsides structures of our country. Our conscious and the sub conscious mind owns the inside of the house and disowns the road on which the grand building is monumented.

The nation on the outside is like an overflowing bin, where you find rotten bits of leftover food lying on the pavements, incomplete and open drainage work waiting for months to be finished. Citizens defecating on the roads, buildings or any where they choose to.

However inside each house you will find beautiful carved welcoming doors, creeping staircase flowing through the house,

Untitled design

elegant big windows where natural light sweeps in, Enchanting designs and painting on the walls to swipe the senses away, antique wooden sculptures laid in.

Untitled design (4)
Every house displays creativity, innovation and design. The house of any middle class household or higher talks about the taste and flavours of life of the people residing in that house.
Malls and shopping arcades are built with perfect specs to offer a visual treat to the eyes, inside offer luxurious multi- expensive products from around the globe.

Untitled design (1)

But stands on filthily roads on the outside.

City Life

Yes, we have a keen liking for cleanliness and beauty but it only limits to our defined boundaries.

Unfortunately the road and the areas beyond our belief boundaries belong to someone else the king, the monarch, the municipality, the government or maybe NOBODY. The outside is brutally treated and trashed, spitted and abused. Everyone living in the society disowns the road that we live in, the road that we drive on everyday to work. People treat their office, their school, college, or gym as their shrine and that’s where it ends. Nobody cares about everybody’s land the “Road!!”. And the poor, disowned, barbarically used “road” stood for years and is still waiting to be owned by its citizens someday.

We can’t achieve a beautiful outdoors by waiting for the government to set up “Clean India Movement” and wait for a day to see some people employed to clean the road only to see it trashed up again, we need to alter our belief system by linking the outside of our houses the public parks, parking lots, roads to our own environment in our minds first.

We need to link the outdoors as something equally important to us think it as our own and start paying attention to it poor state, start believing that the road which bears my house, office, shop also belongs to me. And it is not just something broken inside my house which draws attention and needs to be fixed but also the broken road and open sewer needs to be looked after by me.

Big problem, Creative solutions, let’s keep sending our children to school

Every child has a story to share a song to sing. Whenever I look into their innocent eyes, I see fairytales of the future. On one such day, I narrate the songs in the little child’s eyes.

Childhood the blissful years of my life.

All I need is a big bright smile.

I jump, lay and run all day long, singing the merry go round song.

My days go by running in the meadows, hunting wild butterflies.

My favourite, is playing silly peekaboos.

Up I go in the slide trying to reach the sky.

Chasing my dreams, wearing mom’s high heels.

I walk to my school jumping in a messy water pool.

But, as soon I walk down the streets, on my way to work, I see a huge population living on the edge of the street. These people look different, we live in the same time zone yet it looks, like they live in a different decades. There are kids who are not going to school, working hard to make ends meet. I peep into these young eyes. I see a different story.

I am young, I believe I am small.

I wonder, if I really have to be in a big long factory hall.

I work all day long, in the dark tarnished room.

My heart cries for one last game of peekaboo.

If I could get a chance, out in the meadows running behind the butterflies.

Sitting under the sunshine, glancing at my soar hands and looking up in the sky.

I wonder, will I be a little child? For I was grown up even before I was five.

Dear heavenly father, if you could grant me a wish, grant me I should go back to school.

These little eyes said the same story every day and pierced my heart every time I cross pass ways with them. So, one day for my heart’s peace, I found myself talking to the children’s parents and trying to encourage them to send their kids to school and if could save even one small life from being ripped into the vicious cycle of labor and pain. I was surprised to know, a lot of them are keen on making their kids educated and ensure a good life for them. However, many of them complained that when they sent their kids to school, children ended up falling sick very often and ultimately didn’t go to school.

I wanted to learn more about this and inquired with a friend of mine, who teaches in a local government school. I couldn’t believe my ears for the reasons I discovered for children not going to school. It seemed so irrelevant to hear, but it had a huge impact. As children play, learn and write with white chalks at school. And class time is followed by meal times with no proper hand wash routine for little children. Pre-meal hand wash means only a quick rinse under the water, many children at times also tend to miss out on the rinse before eating.

And along with their meals at school little children end up eating the germ’s and fall sick.

And parents find it very difficult to keep up the medical expenses.

A truly disheartening fate for the future generation. The blossoming children are robbed their childhood only because of an incomplete hand wash!! After having known the reasons of dismay for children on the streets, on my way back I was still drowned in their thoughts and to looks for answer I started browsing my phone. Something struck my eyes, I came across a quote on creativity which said

”Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected” – William Plomer.

These lines seemed to me as an answer to all my mingling thoughts. I felt innovation, intellect and creativity can help us solve stagnant and hideous challenges.

And as I reached home, I switched on my laptop and still looking for a solution I came across a video and learnt about the Savlon Healthy Chalk Sticks introduced by Savlon. After using the chalk stick, the chalk powder left behind on the hands turns into a foam cleanser. Since, there is chalk powder on the hands, a child rushes to wash his hands hurriedly, but when he watches the chalk powder turn into soap like cleanser, he rubs the soap thoroughly before rinsing it off.

This is an innovative invention to teach a child the importance of basic hygiene of washing hands.’

I felt, I felt so happy and fortunate as the Savlon Healthy Chalk Sticks, seemed to be just the creative solution to the issues of the children’s health in schools and answers that I had been looking for days now.

video link (

After watching this video I also was assured and satisfied to know that there are many people worried and taking action to ensure to send the street kids to school so that these young people can cherish their childhood.

Savlon and me providing, simple solution to big problems and helping the community brighten up the dreams of the future.

1,2,3,4,5 is all that you want from me, torching me is not normal.

1,2,3 no 4. 4?? Is this 4 yes 4, no. “Please I don’t want to do this!!”, please “I don’t want to do it”. Ok look at it again is it 4 or is 4 !! 1,2,3,4,5!!!

The recent video of the little girl learning 1,2,3,4,5 is disturbing and demonstrates not only a monstrous technique of imparting education but also highlights a sad reality of the our ideology of teaching children. As many times I come across this video I can’t stop myself learning about the reactions that are posted and see what the world out there has to say.

Our individual voices make the society and our personal beliefs will shape the belief structure of our society. And each time I come across couple of people saying that it is “OK or normal to be strict with children while teaching” is shocking.
I feel it is a shame that a number of people agree with the trauma the child goes through. I shed a little tear when I see the little girl suffering only to learn lousy 5 numbers, but I also wonder how many more kids go through presumably normal way of learning.

Dear parents who think it is OK or normal to mentally and physically abuse children for the sake of curriculum you need to wake up before you completely destroy the confidence and the urge in your child to learn.

Research has shown of all the bookish knowledge that an adult uses to secures a job, out of that only 10% of the theories that they learn at school or college are retained and 90% of your success depends on the person’s ability to communicate interact with the world.

There is a huge impact of the kind of positive or negative experiences they had in their lives. And if you are creating strict abusive learning environment which will negatively impact the learning experience, then don’t be surprised that your child hates the thought of homework hardly remember what they learnt last.

A study suggest, for effective learning the educator must inevitably be mindful that the process of teaching must be joyful and the emotions the child experiences will determine how much the child can retain. As being happy is key requirement for human brain to learn and store information.

So if you are saying that the child throws tantrums and hates to sit down and study, then definitely the problem is the person who is teaching because that person has failed to generate happiness in the process of learning and in this case and similar cases the teacher/ mother through their rotten methods of teaching have traumatized the child and the emotion that is linked with learning 1,2,3,4,5 is pain and suffering in the child minds.

You can’t conceal the mistakes you made through your wrongful methods of teaching by saying that the “child throws tantrums” or saying ” it for the betterment of the child”, to be beaten and tortured.

I urge such mothers and teachers to change their methods before it is too late for the child. Understand that learning encompass a vast spectrum of abilities to interact with the world and education does not only means school work!!